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Nearly one-third of sex workers won't call 911 due to fear of police, study finds

Media featured a new study co-conducted by UBC’s Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity that shows almost one-third of sex workers do not report crimes to the police due to a fear of police. Study authors Dr. Anna-Louise Crago and Dr. Kate Shannon were quoted.
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Why parents shouldn't worry about their children's increasing screen time, for now

CTV mentioned a UBC study that found that Grade 7 students who spent less than two hours a day on screen time reported higher levels of life satisfaction. Reduced screen time was associated with lower levels of anxiety and depression.

UBCO's valve breakthrough

A team of researchers at UBCO’s Heart Valve Performance Lab has developed a way to improve overall blood flow through the valves. Lead researcher and engineering professor Dr. Hadi Mohammadi was quoted.

BlackBerry, GameStop shares are surging - but don’t let FOMO take over, experts say

Dr. David Hardisty, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, says while it’s possible to make money picking individual stocks, the odds make it more like gambling than an investing strategy.
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Ottawa urged to decriminalize simple drug possession as overdose deaths reach record highs

Dr. Benjamin Perrin, a UBC professor at Peter A. Allard School of Law, spoke about the decriminalization of drug possession.

Canada plans to be a world leader in green hydrogen, but how will it get there?

Dr. Gord Lovegrove, a professor at UBCO’s school of engineering, was quoted in an article about Ottawa’s strategy for Canada’s hydrogen future.
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The problem with reducing the sentence of Quebec City's mosque shooter

Debra Parkes, a UBC professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, commented on the Quebec mosque shooter case and stacked sentences.
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Dual Hong Kong-Canadian citizens asked to denounce a citizenship

Dr. Miu Chung Yan, a professor at the school of social work, gave comments about the Hong Kong government’s decision to require dual citizens to choose the nationality they wish to maintain.

With Keystone XL cancelled, all eyes turn to Trans Mountain expansion battle

Ricochet interviewed Dr. Kathryn Harrison, a political science professor at UBC, about Keystone XL’s termination and the federal government’s commitment to building TMX.

Anxious, tired and looking to the future: British Columbians mark one year of COVID in our midst

UBC psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor spoke about anchoring bias and COVID-19 fatigue.

Uncertainty and fear remain on the one year anniversary of B.C.’s first COVID-19 case

UBC psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor discussed the ongoing challenges of navigating a pandemic world, one year after the first COVID-19 case was discovered in B.C.
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EU assures me it won’t cut off our COVID-19 vaccine shipments, Trudeau says

Dr. Srinivas Murthy, an infectious disease expert and clinical professor in UBC’s department of pediatrics, says using smaller syringes can help extract more doses from our available COVID-19 vaccines that we can have. If Health Canada approves the change to six doses per vial, it will then be important to ensure we have a good supply of these syringes.
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Drones will deliver medical supplies to remote First Nations during COVID-19 pandemic

UBC’s faculty of medicine received a $750,000 grant to use drone technology to deliver health care supplies to remote First Nations communities during the pandemic.
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Kelowna’s Candice Loring is on a mission to advance Indigenous businesses and communities

BC Business interviewed UBCO alumna Candice Loring about her work in connecting Indigenous-owned businesses and organizations with the right academic talent to help them achieve their innovation goals. The article also mentioned a UBC report that found evidence of systemic racism in B.C.’s health-care system.
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