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Your polyester sweater is destroying the environment. Here's why

UBC biological oceanographer Brian Hunt spoke about the contributions of clothing to pollution in the ocean.

The long, expensive fight for First Nations’ fishing rights

Doug Harris, a legal historian at the Peter A Allard School of Law, spoke about the Sparrow case, a precedent-setting decision made by the Supreme Court of Canada concerning the application of Aboriginal rights under section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.
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Small nuclear reactors would provide carbon-free energy, but would they be safe?

M.V. Ramana, a professor at the school of public policy and global affairs, says that while devastating incidents associated with nuclear power plants might seem unlikely, we need to remain cautious.
Inside Climate News via Boise State Public Radio

What Canada’s COVID response can teach the U.S. about social safety nets

Margot Young, a UBC law professor specializing in constitutional and social justice issues, was quoted about the CERB. She said it gave people the ability to do what they needed to do to stay safe during the pandemic.

Recovering from COVID 

CityNews mentioned a UBC study that showed more than 75 per cent of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 continue to experience symptoms months after symptom onset.
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COVID-19 shows that we can't care for ICU survivors

Fuchsia Howard, a professor at UBC’s school of nursing and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health research scholar, and Greg Haljan, a clinical professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, discussed the long-term health problems intensive care survivors experience and the support needed to transition them back into the community.