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Snuggling your baby may affect their DNA, says a new study

A team of UBC researchers found maternal contact with infants can influence epigenetic changes, including the immune system and metabolism.

Canada just signed a new moon pact — is it a good idea?

Quirks & Quarks mentioned a study by Aaron Boley, a professor in UBC’s department of physics and astronomy, and Michael Byers, a professor in the department of political science, that discussed how U.S. space policy is putting the safe development of space at risk.
CBC Quirks & Quarks

Everything you need to know about scalp care, the latest trend in skin care

Monica Li, a clinical instructor at UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science, gave comments about scalp health and how to keep it healthy.
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B.C. couple's Disney World vacation turns to 4-month battle with WestJet over flight refunds

David Gillen, a YVR professor of transportation policy at the UBC Sauder School of Business, was quoted about why airlines choose to offer credits over refunds.

Which trees provide the most oxygen over the course of a year, deciduous or evergreen?

Quirks & Quarks asked Sean Michaletz, a professor of ecology at UBC, which trees of the same age or size provide us with the most oxygen over the course of a year.
CBC Quirks & Quarks

Canadian imaging experts say changes are needed to guidelines for breast cancer screening

Paula Gordon, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of radiology, spoke about breast cancer screening guidelines.
Global News Hour at 6

The Chinese fleet, the world's largest, accused of spearheading decline in once-abundant squid stocks

Daniel Pauly, a principal investigator of the Sea Around Us initiative at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries,  commented on the negative effect of the distant-water fishing fleet subsidies and the Chinese government’s offer to restrict their distant water fleet.

Doctors urge British Columbians to switch their stoves and furnaces for 'cleaner' ones

Melissa Lem, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of medicine, spoke about the Switch it Up campaign, which aims to encourage homeowners to move to electrical kitchen appliances and home heating methods, and draw attention to the fact that natural gas produces greenhouse gas emissions.
News 1130

Preparing for earthquakes

Brett Gilley, associate professor of teaching in UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, was interviewed about earthquakes and practicing earthquake safety.
CKNW Jill Bennett Show (27:43 mark)

The Fraser Valley has been warming at a quicker rate than Vancouver. Why?

Douw Steyn, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, commented on the dramatic warming in the Fraser Valley and spoke about the impact of global warming on various climate regions.
BC Local NewsMaple Ridge News

What will the BC Liberals' ongoing controversies mean for the election?

UBC political science professor Gerald Baier says while Andrew Wilkinson is taking heat for not acting on the ongoing controversies for the BC Liberals, the division between the social and fiscal conservatives has always been an issue for the party.
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Furstenau can't blame just the NDP for failure of electoral reform

Max Cameron, a professor of political science and director of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions at UBC, was quoted about how the NDP crafted a rushed referendum.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province

B.C. Election 2020: With a week to go, NDP remains well ahead

Richard Johnston, a professor emeritus in UBC’s department of political science, says John Horgan has a huge advantage when British Columbians are asked who they trust the most to manage the pandemic.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province

Twindemic of COVID-19 and seasonal flu raises stakes for British Columbians

Ran Goldman, a professor in UBC’s department of pediatrics, commented on dealing with the seasonal flu and COVID-19 simultaneously.
Georgia StraightVancouver is Awesome

Will we ever go back to shaking hands?

Lakshmi Yatham, professor and head of UBC’s department of psychiatry, discussed the psychological toll of COVID-19.
CFAX 1070 Adam Stirling

B.C.’s snap election reflects our electoral system

Maxwell Cameron, a UBC professor of political science and the director of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions, discussed the failure of electoral reform and the first-past-the-post system that has created the incentive to destabilize a working supply and confidence arrangement.
Vancouver Sun

Objectively Engaged Journalism: An Ethic, by Stephen J. A. Ward

The Times Higher Education featured UBC journalism lecturer Stephen Ward’s book on the ethics of journalism engagement and theory of pragmatic objectivity.
Times Higher Education (subscription)

UBC Okanagan provides substance use counselling over video conferencing

CBC interviewed Zach Walsh, a professor at UBCO’s department of psychology, about UBCO’s substance use clinic going virtual this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

International students can return to Metro Vancouver starting in late October

Glacier Media highlighted UBC president and vice-chancellor Santa Ono’s tweet on the changes to federal travel restrictions, which could affect international students.
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