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AIs direct search for materials breakthroughs

UBC material scientist Curtis Berlinguette spoke to Science Magazine about how robots aid with materials research.
Science Magazine

Young children prefer to learn from confident people

Moms highlighted a new UBC study that suggests young children prefer to learn from confident people.

Nearly 30 times more solar power needed to transition coal jobs, says study

A new study found that it may not be feasible to transition major coal mining areas to solar or wind power. The researchers included Sandeep Pai with the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at UBC, and UBC forestry professor Hisham Zerriffi.

Women-focused medical research is saving lives, Heart & Stroke Foundation says

UBC clinical professor Jacqueline Saw has developed a way of helping doctors detect spontaneous coronary artery dissection by identifying genes that increase the risk.
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Drainage systems lacking

A new study led by UBCO graduate student Saeed Mohammadiun suggests many urban drainage and stormwater systems are not designed well enough to handle extreme weather conditions.

Dozy doggies! What your pooch's favorite sleeping position says about their state of mind - from spreading their legs to curling up like a donut

UBC emeritus psychology professor and canine expert Stanley Coren explained the meaning of dogs’ sleeping positions.
Daily Mail, Yahoo (UK), Yahoo (India)

'This is not a time for fear': WHO downplays criticism China hushed up coronavirus in early days

UBC psychiatry professor Steven Taylor predicts as time goes by we will see an increase in people who are frustrated and anxious about the coronavirus.
National PostOttawa CitizenCalgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Regina Leader-Post, Vancouver Sun

Intolerance increase feared as disease spreads

Yves Tiberghien, director emeritus at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, commented on the shortages of medical masks.
Business in Vancouver

Tide Pods more dangerous to public health than THC-infused edibles, frustrated Canadian doc says

The GrowthOp spoke to Ian Mitchell, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of emergency medicine, about the misinformation about cannabis edibles.

Games evolution 

UBC education professor and sustainability expert Robert VanWynsberghe says hosting the Olympics has become onerous due to the cost of the games.

New virus outbreaks will become more common. We must evolve our thinking

Tom Koch, an adjunct professor of medical geography at UBC, wrote about the evolution of animal-to-human viruses.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

I think I can, I think I can

Corinne Crockett, an adjunct professor at UBCO’s school of nursing, wrote about positive affirmation and how it can improve our experiences of life.

It's a cult

Corinne Crockett, an adjunct professor at UBCO’s school of nursing, wrote about the cultural trend of feeling too busy.

High in fibre and low in waste: Sustainable cookies

The Weather Network featured Susgrainable, a company started out as a UBC school project and has grown into a business that upcycles the waste barley used in beer production to bake sustainable cookies.
Weather Network

UBC leading way in science

UBCO announced that the university has become the first Canadian post-secondary institution to join the open science platform, Open Science Framework Institutions.