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‘Phenomenal’ trial results may lead to Huntington’s disease treatment

The Washington Post reported on the discovery of a drug that may treat the fatal Huntington’s disease. Blair Leavitt, a UBC researcher and the lead study investigator, said: “This is the culmination of […]

The World War Two guide to office warfare

BBC interviewed Sandra Robinson, a UBC professor of organisational behaviour and human resources, about office sabotage. She discussed ‘sabotage behaviour’ that may come from toxic colleagues.

Holding infants, or not, can leave traces on their genes

Time featured a UBC study that found holding a child can have an impact on their genes and developmental progress. Researchers showed how comforting contact impacts children at the molecular […]

Want to be happier in 2018? Spend more money

Forbes highlighted UBC research that found money can buy happiness if it is spent on items or activities that save time. Study participants who reported spending money on time-saving investments […]

Thai fishing fleet under-reporting catch by 600 percent

Radio New Zealand featured a new report from UBC researchers that shows catches by Thailand’s distant-water fleet, fishing in the Indo-Pacific region, are almost seven times higher than what the […]

UBC Emerging Media Lab’s Immersive Learning Orientation


DNA from belugas helps researchers sequence genome

The Canadian Press mentioned UBC in a story about whale conservation science. The beluga genome has been sequenced for the first time thanks to genetic material from two whales who […]

Pokémon GO helps people who struggle socially

The Daily Mail, CTV and Roundhouse Radio highlighted UBC research that showed augmented reality games, such as Pokémon GO, could help introverts. “Video games have a lot of social aspects […]

B.C. Indigenous cancer strategy built on culturally safe care

The Canadian Press mentioned UBC in a story about a B.C. strategy to prevent, screen and diagnose cancer among Indigenous people. In October, UBC started requiring future doctors and health-care […]

We take doctors for granted, until we don’t have one

The Globe and Mail mentioned a UBC study that found that while the number of doctors practising in B.C. has been increasing in recent years, patient visits have been declining. […]

City council rejects move to densify Point Grey mansion zone

Tom Davidoff, a UBC economist, was quoted in a Metro News story after city council rejected a motion to densify an area of mansions. “(It would have shown) it’s not […]

Site C didn’t need to be approved because money was spent: Critics

Werner Antweiler, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, spoke to Global after the BC NDP said the Site C project would go ahead because of all the […]

CEO Connie Fair keeps tabs on every square foot of B.C.

Business in Vancouver profiled Connie Fair, a UBC alumna and president and CEO of the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia. Fair earned a bachelor of commerce degree from UBC.

Study illuminates mental-health pressures on young male immigrants

The Georgia Straight highlighted a UBC study that examined the mental health of young male immigrants and refugees in Canada. The study focused on migration and resettlement experiences and found […]