UBC experts on NASA discovery of potentially Earth-like planets

Today, NASA announced that scientists have found seven potentially Earth-like planets orbiting a star about 40 light years away. UBC experts are available to comment.

Jaymie Matthews
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Email: matthews@astro.ubc.ca

  • Pulsating stars and the nature of stars in general; search for and study of extrasolar planets

*Available between noon and 3 p.m. PST today

Christa Van Laerhoven
Postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Cell: 604-358-7786
Email: cvl@phas.ubc.ca

  • Planetary science; stability and habitability of the newly-discovered planets




Thandi Fletcher
UBC Public Affairs
Tel: 604.822.2234
Cell: 604.868.0896
Email: thandi.fletcher@ubc.ca