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UBC Reports | July 29

UBC Reports | July 29

Dominant Thunderbirds find more than basketball in Taipei

The UBC Thunderbirds not only scored big at the International Top University Basketball Tournament, but also ran into some friendly faces as UBC students showed up in support.

Montreal households crowned Canada’s greenest

Huffington Post Canada featured a Canadian Press article on a UBC study ranking the greenest cities in Canada. The results are based on greenhouse gases produced by households. Census data […]

For elite athletes, periods are still a question mark

Jerilynn Prior, UBC endocrinology professor and director of UBC’s Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research, was interviewed for a Vice story on the impact of periods on elite female athletes. Prior […]

Discussing the impacts of e-cigarettes on teens

CBC News interviewed UBC School of Nursing professor Elizabeth Saewyc for a story on the use of e-cigarettes among teens. “Most young people have learned pretty well in school and in society […]

Facial expressions do not reveal if someone is honest

The Independent featured psychology research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that explained how we make judgments about the trustworthiness of others based on what they look like. Psychology professor Stephen Porter and PhD […]

Carbon-financed cookstoves not that eco-friendly

Business Standard India included UBC research on the sustainability of carbon-financed cookstoves in rural India. Researchers from UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, the University of Washington and other […]

5 tips to avoid the loneliness of working from home

Success Magazine highlighted UBC research for a story on avoiding loneliness while working from home. The psychology study found that interactions with those on the periphery of our social networks can […]

Summer enrichment programs let teens get a head start

The Globe and Mail reported on summer enrichment programs across Canada and included a future global leaders program at UBC. Don Black, UBC’s director of community programs, said summer programs […]

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Medical marijuana: Does research back up claims of benefits?

The Globe and Mail interviewed UBC medicine professor M-J Milloy for a story on the use of medical cannabis. There are no large high-quality scientific studies that prove cannabis lessens […]

MPs devoting the summer to electoral reform

City News published a Canadian Press story on the special committee on electoral reform. Witnesses on the committee, including UBC political science professor emeritus R. Kenneth Carty, said no electoral […]

Will the Democrats unify and why is Hillary Clinton unpopular?

Eric Merkley, a PhD candidate in UBC’s department of political science, was interviewed on Breakfast Television about the Democratic National Convention and Hillary Clinton’s goal for the event. “She needs […]

Ikebana exhibition comes to Nitobe

The Vancouver Sun highlighted an exhibition at UBC’s Nitobe Garden this weekend. Examples of Japanese flower arrangements known as ikebana will be featured in an outdoor exhibition by the Vancouver […]

BC Liberal social media attack on NDP desperation sign

News 1130 interviewed UBC political science PhD candidate David Moscrop for a story on how the BC Liberals are going after the NDP’s housing critic on social media. “It’s nasty […]

B.C. faces lawsuit over rushed Site C permits

DeSmog Canada featured an interview with Jocelyn Stacey, a UBC law professor and an expert in environmental and administrative law, for an article on a ministry bureaucrat who issued permission […]

Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed

Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed

Speed limit increases prove deadly, should be reversed Six UBC professors say that the speed limit increase on B.C.’s highways should be reversed to make roads safer. Read it here.

Streetcar tracks cause a huge number of bike crashes in Toronto

City Lab reported on UBC and Ryerson University research that found one-third of bike crashes in downtown Toronto were linked to streetcar tracks. The researchers said cyclists often had to maneuver quickly to […]