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UBCO professor wants to hear from climate change deniers

Kelowna Now reported on a workshop and panel discussion on climate change skeptics hosted by UBCO sustainability professor Greg Garrad. Garrard is hosting the event along with the UBCO faculty […]

Geographer saw early signs of Chinese buyers in Vancouver

UBC geographer David Ley is featured in a Globe and Mail story on foreign investment in Vancouver real estate. Vancouver has been listed as one of the top three intended […]

Housing wealth: The taxing issue of our time

Amid the soaring Metro Vancouver housing prices, a story on the Globe and Mail highlighted work by Paul Kershaw, the UBC professor who founded the Generation Squeeze campaign. Kershaw suggests a policy […]

In defence of provincial exams and content-driven curriculum

The Huffington Post published story on the changes to the B.C. school curriculum that include fewer provincial exams. The author favours provincial exams and presents his argument in response to […]

UBCO student wins international award

Heather Hackett, a student at UBCO’s School of Health Sciences and Exercise Sciences, was honoured for identifying a non-invasive technique to measure blood flow in the heart and lungs, Kelowna […]

Assisted death is the new pro-choice

Dr. Ellen Wiebe, a clinical professor at UBC was featured for a Maclean’s story on assisted dying and how this controversial topic is drawing comparisons to the abortion debate. “It’s […]