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Odds against two pregnant walruses in Canada

Motherboard highlighted the much anticipated birth of a walrus in Quebec this spring. According to UBC marine mammal expert Andrew Trites, there are conservation concerns about the walrus, a poorly […]

Ottawa’s methodology for measuring upstream greenhouse gases

Ottawa has proposed a method for measuring upstream greenhouse gas emissions before new resource projects are approved, reports the Canadian Press. However, the method is far from clear on how […]

Flipping on the rise, but still a small portion of sales

A Vancouver Sun special report on Vancouver real estate highlighted the rise in flipping but noted that it still represented just a small portion of all homes sold in the […]

Blame politicians for Metro Vancouver’s housing price crisis

A Vancouver Sun column focused on a new study by UBC geographer David Ley, which links Metro Vancouver’s affordability crisis to economic stimulus measures. The study, published in The International […]

Premier Christy Clark pledges crackdown on shadow flipping

Critics say Premier Christy Clark’s promised crackdown on shadow flipping will do little to cool down Metro Vancouver’s overheated housing market, reports the Vancouver Sun. UBC real estate economist Tom Davidoff […]

Out-of-bounds behaviour: When risk-taking becomes reckless

People younger than 25, those with sensitive dopamine systems, or young men are the most likely to engage in risky behaviour, according to UBC psychology professor Stanley Floresco. In an […]

Comment: Hastening death not part of palliative-care role

Pippa Hawley, head of UBC’s division of palliative care wrote an op-ed responding to claims that palliative-care physicians oppose assisted dying. Hawley said the majority of Canada’s palliative-care physicians support eligible patients […]

When innovative design works against you

People expect companies with a certain image to behave in specific ways that align with those expectations, even it means getting an inferior product, according to a new study featured […]

Lesbian, gay, bisexuals face more mood, anxiety disorders

A UBC study found that gays, lesbians and bisexuals have more mood and anxiety disorders than other people, reports the Times of India. Gays and lesbians experienced about twice the […]

UBC shelled in national final, but real story is its four-year ascent to peak

The UBC Thunderbirds women’s hockey team have come a long way to win a berth in Sunday’s CIS national final, reports The Province. The team brought home silver after an […]

B.C. assisted-dying doctor a choice advocate

The Canadian Press highlighted the work of Ellen Wiebe, the Vancouver-based physician who helped a Calgary woman with ALS end her life. “[Dr. Wiebe] really is fearless in her advocacy,” […]

U.S. candidates talk tough on trade and immigration

Business in Vancouver asked economic analysts to weigh in on which of the four main U.S. presidential contenders would be likely to support policies that benefit Canada-U.S. trade. UBC political […]

Temporary foreign worker program deserves another look

Over the past two or three decades, Canada has progressively increased its immigration quota to 60 per cent and more, according to UBC immigration policy specialist Dan Hiebert. “What this […]

Beaufort Sea drilling leases infringe on Canada’s sovereignty

Proposed new U.S. oil and gas drilling leases in the Beaufort Sea could include offshore territory that Canada claims as its own, reports CBC News. UBC political scientist Michael Byers […]

Confronting the Fractures: A World Water Day Screening + UBC Researcher Panel Discussion of Fractured Land

How a UBC professor is spurring research into rare diseases

BC Business profiled UBC geneticist Millan Patel’s fundraising for rare disease research. Rare diseases affect three million Canadians but receive comparatively few research dollars, according to Patel. A foundation he-founded […]

Buy travel health insurance, end up with less coverage

CBC News highlighted the plight of a woman who fell seriously ill abroad and relied on her supplementary travel insurance to cover the costs. She later found that because of […]

Danes may be the world’s happiest, but we’re pretty close

The annual World Happiness Report, co-edited by UBC economist John Helliwell, was the focus of a Globe and Mail column. The report uses six measurements of happiness: gross domestic product […]