UBC Faculty Research Awards

The Office of the Vice President Research and International has announced the 2012 UBCs Faculty Research Awards. Researchers were nominated by their peers and adjudicated by the Faculty Awards Committee, which consists of representatives from arts and humanities, education, forestry, business, science and applied science disciplines. An award reception will be held on March 25, 2013 at the Chan Centre. To read winner profiles, click here.

UBC Killam Faculty Research Fellowships
Junior Category:
• Cristina Conati, Computer Science
• Stan Floresco, Psychology
• Cristie Ford, Law
• Joseph Henrich, Psychology and Economics
• Merje Kuus, Geography
• Kirk Madison, Physics and Astronomy
• Joerg Rottler, Physics and Astronomy
• Gerry Veenstra, Sociology

Senior Category:
• Jiahua Chen, Statistics
• Roger Francois, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

UBC Killam Faculty Research Prizes

Business, Education, Arts and Humanities Subcommittee, Senior Category:
• Lynn Alden, Psychology
• John Roeder, Music
• Toni Schmader, Psychology
• Roger Wilson, Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies

Science, Applied Science, Forestry Subcommittee
Junior Category:
• Kiran Soma, Psychology

Senior Category:
• Samuel Aparicio, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
• Torsten Nielsen, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
• Dinesh Pai, Computer Science
• Curtis Suttle, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Jacob Biely Research Prize
• Gordon Semenoff, Physics and Astronomy

Charles A. McDowell Award for Excellence in Research
• Nando de Freitas, Computer Science

Dorothy Somerset Award for Performance Develoment in Visual and Performing Arts
• Stephen Heatley, Theatre and Film

President’s Award for Public Education Through Media
• Simon Donner, Geography