CWILA spearheads Critic-in-Residence initiative for equality in Canadian letters

Applications are being accepted for the first Canadian Women In the Literary Arts’ (CWILA) Critic-in-Residence program.

“Women writing in Canada now have access to a $2,000 stipend for critical and community engagement work,” says UBC professor of Canadian Literature Laura Moss. “When asked what kept them from writing more reviews, many women identified a need for more time to engage publicly. So we created the Critic-in-Residence to buy time for a writer,” said Moss.

The Critic-in-Residence program works to support women’s criticism and promote public awareness of women’s literary and critical presence in Canadian letters. The recipient will contribute critical essays or book reviews to Canadian publications. She will also be encouraged to support a climate of critical responsiveness in Canadian letters with a collaborative or community-based project of her choice.

CWILA welcomes applications from genderqueer writers, indigenous writers, and women and/or genderqueer writers of colour. Deadline for applications is November 1, 2012. The Critic-in-Residence will be announced December 1, 202. For more information, visit