Engineering profs lead research for cleaner, safer autos

Three UBC Faculty of Applied Science engineering professors are leading automotive research projects with $2.1 million funding from AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence, Canada’s automotive research program. They will partner with researchers from other Canadian universities over a two-year period.

Materials Engineering Assoc. Prof. Daan Maijer will lead a project worth $823,200 that advances chill technology for powertrain components, which will increase fuel economy. Mechanical Engineering Assoc. Prof. Douglas Romilly will lead a project worth $812,250 that addresses ways to reduce occupant injury in rear-end collisions. Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. Lutz Lampe will lead a project worth $514,000 that focuses on power line communications for electric vehicles.

The AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence has invested $22 million in 40 automotive research and development projects at Canadian universities in partnership with more than 100 public and private sector companies. Topics include advanced material research, biofuels and clean diesel, children’s vehicle safety in Aboriginal communities, and improvements to manufacturing processes.

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