Faculty of Dentistry professors honoured for outstanding contributions

Universitas 21 (U21) is honouring Dr. Karen Gardner in the Faculty of Dentistry for enhancing international dialogue among dental students. Gardner is the recipient of the inaugural U21 Award for Internationalisation for creating diastemas.net, a website that allows students to share and compare cases across three continents. For more information, visit: http://tinyurl.com/cwj29ma

Dr. David Sweet, O.C., professor and associate dean of students, received the Honoured Member Award from the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. The College bestowed its highest award on Dr. Sweet for his remarkable contributions to dentistry on provincial, national and international levels. For more information, visit: http://www.dentistry.ubc.ca/News/2012/sweet_alumni_awards.asp

Dr. Ravindra M. Shah, who serves as the faculty’s director of international relations, was awarded an honorary doctorate of philosophy degree from Chung Shan Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan. The honorary degree recognizes Dr. Shah’s significant contributions and achievements in education and research through international academic exchanges. For more information, a video and photographs, visit: http://www.dentistry.ubc.ca/News/2011/shah_award.asp

Dr. Christopher Overall, professor and Canada Research Chair in Metalloproteinase Proteomics and Systems Biology, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to the field of proteolysis from the International Proteolysis Society. He was recognized for inventing and developing the field of degradomics, which brings proteomics to the study of proteases.  For more information, visit: http://www.dentistry.ubc.ca/News/2012/overall_award.asp