UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences members receive four TLEF grants

Faculty members from UBC’s Pharmaceutical Sciences have received four UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) grants. The TLEF is a university-wide fund to support projects that explore ground-breaking approaches to learning and education.

• Developing a patient-centred Pharmacists Clinic to provide an enriched experiential learning program for pharmacy students: Tessa Nicholl, Ingrid Price, Alan Low, James McCormack, and Robson Liu ($119,200)

• The Development and Implementation of the UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Journal – a student-led initiative to promote learning around research and publishing among pharmacy students: Tessa Nicholl, Sandy Mok, Kelvin Lou and Ingrid Price ($8,095)

• VIP-CARES: Virtual Interprofessional Patients as Contraception & Abortion Resources for Education of Students: Wendy V. Norman, Judith Soon, Lauren Bissonnette, Christopher Ng, Evelyn Kwok, Unjali Malhotra, Leanne Currie, Saraswathi Vedam, Kellogg Booth, Juliette Link, and Charlotte Tang ($86,031)

• Preparing students for patient-centred practice in a Type II Diabetes Clinic: Lynda Eccott ($15,650)

For more information on the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, visit: http://www.tlef.ubc.ca