UBC Press wins $10,000 Wilson Prize for Publishing Canadian History

The Wilson Institute for Canadian History at McMaster University has awarded UBC Press the annual $10,000 Wilson Prize for Publishing Canadian History.

In the letter from the Institute, UBC Press is cited for “invigorating and broadening the field of Canadian History with its distinguished list of publications.”

The $10,000 prize is awarded on the condition that the money is used towards supporting the publication of books in the field of Canadian history. UBC Press plans to use the $10,000 to establish a fund for first-time authors. Its use will be earmarked specifically for works in Canadian history that require financial support for additional visuals or other production elements, enhancing the content and inherent value of the work for the widest possible audience.

The prize will be presented by H.V. Nelles, L.R. Wilson Professor of Canadian History at McMaster University, in Vancouver on Nov.17 and in Ottawa on Nov. 29.

For more, visit: http://www.ubcpress.ubc.ca/