Peter Wall Foundation and UBC launch new program

The Peter Wall Foundation and UBC have launched a unique new program – the “Peter Wall Solutions Initiative” (PWSI) to support UBC researchers from across a;; disciplines and their community partners working on innovative ways to develop practical solutions with tangible benefits.  The goal is to advance solutions and address issues including sustainability, health care delivery, poverty alleviation, economic policy, community wellness, diversity, natural resources, and other ideas that come forward. 

Researchers are expected to partner with an appropriate community organization or target end-user group to study the issues and use research to develop approaches which overcome existing hurdles. 

The PWSI is supported by an initial $3M contribution from the Peter Wall Endowment to UBC.  Qualifying projects should demonstrate measurable results within a one to three-year period. 

Brett Finlay, UBC professor and chair of the new PWSI Advisory Board, says, “With its focus on results, the Peter Wall Solutions Initiative will offer a scope well beyond traditional research funds, yet capitalize on the research being done across UBC to benefit society.  Our goal is that ‘Solutions’ will make a real difference to the people of Vancouver and BC, and serve as models for other communities throughout the country.”

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