UBC engineering and science students win grand prize at Robot Racing 2010

The UBC Thunderbird Robotics Team Snowbots won the grand prize at the International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge 2010 held in Windsor, Ontario. The team’s Blizzard robot won several individual awards and Oscar Junior robot took second place in the design competition.

The UBC interdisciplinary team members include Ian Philips (leader, computer science), Jarek Ignas-Menzies (engineering), Navid Fattahi (electrical engineering), Jeremy Whyte, Nick Adams (computer engineering), and Mark Cho.

The Robot Racing competition promotes research in autonomous mobile robotics technology for the competitors and spectators.  The students are given real-world, hands-on engineering design challenges and build robotic vehicles that can navigate twisting, obstacle-filled courses without any human guidance or control.

For more information www.engineering.ubc.ca/news/2010/jul24.html