Green College announces new partnership with Global Civic Policy Society

Green College has launched a new collaboration with the Global Civic Policy Society, led by former mayor of Vancouver Sam Sullivan, as part of the College’s contribution to UBC’s community engagement.  The new partnership will see the two organizations working together to offer Public Salons intended to bring ideas and dialogue on a range of topics to Vancouver audiences. 

 The Global Civic Policy Society works with academic institutions to introduce to the public new ways of thinking about old problems. Founded by Sullivan, the Global Civic Policy Society was developed to promote research and reflection on local government and citizenship.

 The first of the Public Salons takes place on:

Date: June 9
Time: 8 – 9:30 p.m.
Place: Vancouver Playhouse Theatre, Southeast corner of Hamilton and Dunsmuir
Info: Limited number of complimentary tickets available to UBC students
Contact , register by June 7 noon or