UBC Faculty Research Awards announced

The Office of the Vice-President Research and International has announced the recipients of the annual UBC Faculty Research Awards and will honour them at the Celebrate Research Week Awards gala on March 11 at the Museum of Anthropology.

The award nominations are made by students, colleagues and alumni and adjudicated by the Faculty Awards Committee which includes members from the Arts and Humanities, Medicine, Science and Applied Science disciplines.

To view profiles of this year’s winners, visit http://www.celebrateresearch.ubc.ca/award-winners-2009/

Killam Faculty Research Fellowship Junior Category
Jeffrey Richards, Zoology
Rafeef AbuGarbieh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kiran Soma, Psychology
James Feng, Mathematics, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Patricia Shulte, Zoology
Z. Jane Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Killam Faculty Research Fellowship Senior Category
Reinhard Jetter, Botany and Chemistry
Susan Grayston, Forest Sciences
Stephanie Chang, School of Community and Regional Planning
Susan Herrington, Architecture and Landscape Architecture

UBC Killam Research Prize Business, Arts and Humanities Category
Joseph Henrich, Psychology
John X. Cooper, English
Tan Wang, Finance

UBC Killam Research Prize Science, Applied Science, Medicine Category
Andrea Damascelli, Physics and Astronomy
Stan Floresco, Psychology
Vijay Bhargava, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tim Murphy, Psychiatry
Helen Burt, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jacob Biely Research Prize
Michael Hayden, Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics

Charles A. McDowell Award for Excellence in Research
Lutz Lampe, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dorothy Somerset Award
Robert Gardiner, Theatre and Film

Sam Black Award
Geraldine Pratt, Geography

President’s Award for Public Education through Media
Patricia Janssen, School of Population and Public Health