UBC engineers show business savvy, teams advance to Enterprize Canada finals

Four teams from UBC will be advancing to Enterprize Canada’s national business plan competition on Feb.  5-7 in Vancouver.

The four qualifying teams from UBC are:
1st Place: Aeos
Formed from a collaboration of students in APSC 486/New Venture Design, Aeos’s main product is a gridded biomedical tape. The team includes engineering students Patti Backlund and Colin O’Neill and commerce students Nick Seto, Wylie Spencer and Emi Yamada.

2nd Place: Dragonfly Instruments 
Engineering students Lin Watt and Tagg Jefferson founded Dragonfly Instruments. Its initial product is a portable laboratory-grade field device that measures water quality.

3rd Place: MNB Devices
Founded by engineering student Graeham Douglas and political science student Andrei Pop, MNB Devices produces the Cerv360, a powered head support system for people with late-stage ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). The Cerv360 allows for comfortable resting of the head and a return of neck function to people who experience extreme weakness and fatigue of the neck muscles. There is currently no effective device that provides this for people living with ALS.

4th Place: Aegis
Developed through a partnership formed in APSC 486/New Venture Design, Aegis’s main product is software that connects students, teachers and parents through an online portal containing grades, assignments and other relevant information. Founders include engineering students Winnie Lai, Edwin Jaury and Christopher Chan and commerce students Scott Schaffter and Peter Stein.

For more info, visit www.engineering.ubc.ca/news/2010/feb3.html