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Fido has brains Your dog may be as smart as a toddler, says Stanley Coren, a UBC professor emeritus of psychology and leading researcher on dog behavior. Coren garnered international […]

Pharmacy residency puts students in community

If you thought the role of pharmacists was solely to prepare prescriptions, and dispense drugs to patients, well, think again.

TEDX Talks

Give UBC students a challenge, and they’ll more than exceed your expectations. That’s what happened at Terry talks 2008, a day-long event where students took centre stage to share their academic knowledge, personal experience and passion to bring about positive change both locally and globally.

Uncommon learning opportunities

As a new school year gets underway, the Chapman Learning Commons (CLC) is introducing a raft of initiatives to serve its users better.
The CLC, located on level three of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, brings together technology and learning support for students, faculty, staff and community members.

UBC launches one-of-a-kind commuter hostel

Life can be tough for commuter students.

Hours can be lost during cramped cross-city bus rides and sitting in traffic jams, and getting to campus for an early-morning class means some students leave home before 6 a.m.

New MBA House inspired by Harvard

For the Robert H. Lee Graduate School at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, the new MBA House represents a key part of the school’s rebuilding effort, and the culmination of a major effort to provide graduate business students with an exceptional learning environment.

UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Building

The new $133.3-million UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, scheduled to open in 2012, will significantly expand the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ capacity for learning and discovery.

Medicine wheel shapes Aboriginal Access Studies

Two years ago, Chris Alexander didn’t have the prerequisites to begin his UBC education. That all changed after he enrolled in the Aboriginal Access Studies initiative at UBC Okanagan. Today, the 23-year-old has completed a variety of university-level courses and plans to pursue a degree in management.

Computer Science 110: Breaking stereotypes and new ground

What do computers, program design, and social interaction have in common?

Stars are aligned for “magnificent” change in education

Two of the world’s foremost experts in institutional change and education improvement came together in Vancouver recently in support of UBC’s Lasting Education, Achieved and Demonstrated (LEAD) Initiative. “magnificent”

Lab learning goes under the microscope

When delegates to the Canadian Association of Physicists’ annual conference gathered recently to hear a presentation by UBC Prof. Doug Bonn, they didn’t come to hear about his latest techniques in developing high-temperature superconductors. They wanted his insights into a rarely studied field: undergraduate physics lab education.

Innovative course option: Med students take on tough health issues

Many students dream of the day when they can close their books and trade the classroom for the streets, gaining insights only gleaned from experience.

Students help design UBC learning

From designing a student learning space at the Faculty of Land and Food Systems to engineering an undergraduate curriculum at the Department of Civil Engineering, three UBC students are reaching 
a new high as active participants in their own higher learning.