2010 Countdown: UBC Experts Ready to Comment on Vancouver Olympics

As the one-year countdown to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games approaches on Feb. 12, UBC experts are ready to comment on a wide variety of Games-related topics.

UBC has also created a 2010 website (www.ubc.ca/2010) with experts, media services and news on Games-related UBC research, learning and facilities. New stories include: one doctor’s efforts to end a potentially deadly technique used by some Paralympians; the new UBC Thunderbird Arena, a 2010 competition venue located at the birthplace of Canada’s national hockey program, and; the Olympic Games Impacts (OGI) Research Project being conducted for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by UBC researchers.

Games Economics

James Brander, Sauder School of Business
604.822.8483; james.brander@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Economic impacts

Tsur Sommerville, Sauder School of Business
604.822.8343; tsur.somerville@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Impacts on real estate, urban economics

Kin Lo, Sauder School of Business
604.822.8430; kin.lo@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Games finances, budgeting

David Gillen, Sauder School of Business
604.822.8352; david.gillen@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Pacific Gateway Initiative, transport economics, urban transportation

Paul Cubbon, Sauder School of Business
604.827.3199; paul.cubbon@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Sports marketing

Stan Hamilton, Sauder School of Business
604.822.8558; stanley.hamilton@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Impacts on real estate

Community Impacts & Sustainability

Margot Young, Faculty of Law
604.822.9685, myoung@law.ubc.ca

  • Women’s ski-jumping legal challenge, homelessness, poverty, sustainability, civil liberties and social impacts in 2010

Martin Schechter, Population & Public Health
604.822.3910, martin.schechter@ubc.ca

  • Vancouver safe-injection programs

Michael Krausz, Addictions Research
604.806.9113, michael.krausz@ubc.ca

  • Mental illness and drug addiction

Julio Montaner, B.C. Centre for HIV/AIDS, President of the International AIDS Society
Contact via: Stephen Burega, 604.623.3007 (x. 228)

  • HIV/AIDS, population health

Margo Fryer, Community & Regional Planning
604.822.1602, margo.fryer@ubc.ca

  • UBC Learning Exchange, Downtown Eastside (DTES)

Jim Frankish, Healthcare & Epidemiology
604.822.9205, 604.822.2258, frankish@interchange.ubc.ca

  • Population health, homelessness, health disparities, healthy communities

Bob Sparks, Human Kinetics
604.822.9050, res@interchange.ubc.ca

  • Olympic Games Impact Research Project

Graham Riches, Social Work
604.738.9644, 604.822.0782, graham.riches@ubc.ca

  • Social impacts, poverty, hunger

Ben Perrin, Faculty of Law
604.822.1208, perrin@law.ubc.ca

  • The increased risk of human-trafficking and sex tourism around mega-events

Penny Gurstein, School of Regional and Community Planning
604.822.6065; gurstein@interchange.ubc.ca

  • Urban planning

Security & Law

Michael Byers, Global Politics & International Law
604.822.3049, michael.byers@ubc.ca

  • Games security, civil liberties

Allen Sens, Political Science
822.604.6127, asens@politics@ubc.ca

  • International security

Mira Sundara Rajan

822.827.5339, sundararajan@law.ubc.ca

  • Censorship, copyright, law, appropriation of Aboriginal culture


Peter Nemetz, Sauder School of Business
604.822.8443; peter.nemetz@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Sustainability and business, environmental economics, transportation and environmental policies

James Tansey, Sauder School of Business
604.827.4443, 604.822, 8625, james.tansey@ubc.ca

  • Sustainability, carbon offsets, applied ethics

Hisham Zerriffi, Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability
604.827.4468, hisham.zerriffi@ubc.ca

  • Energy systems and climate change

William Rees, Community Planning

  • Ecological footprint, sustainability

Olympic History and Experience

Jean Barman, History
604.224.3983, jean.barman@ubc.ca

  • B.C. history, including Aboriginal history and Vancouver history

Fred Hume, UBC Athletics
604.687.2381; fred_hume@hotmail.com

  • UBC athletic history

Robert Hindmarch, School of Human Kinetics (Prof. Emeritus)
604.786.9304; drbobh@interchange.ubc.ca

  • General manager of Canada’s UBC-based 1964 Olympic hockey team, former vice-president of Canadian Olympic Association

Health and Performance

Andrie Krassioukov, ICORD
604.675.8819, 604.675.8826 (lab), krassioukov@icord.org

  • Paralympian performance-enhancement, spinal cord injuries

Doug Clement, Human Kinetics
604.261.6220, 604.837.1933, dclement007@mac.com

  • Sports medicine, coaching, the Olympic experience, (participated in nine Games)

Jack Taunton, Sports Medicine, Chief Medical Officer for 2010
604.822.4122, jack.taunton@ubc.ca

  • 2010 medical programs, doping, sports medicine

Nadine Nembhard, Dept. of Physical Therapy, Athletics Canada

  • How athletes are preparing for 2010 Games

Bob McCormack, Dept. of Orthopedics, Team Canada Chief Medical Officer
Contact through Catherine Loiacano, UBC Public Affairs 604.822.2644,  604.209.3048 (cell); catherine.loiacano@ubc.ca

  • Medical issues related to Canadian athletes

Michael Brauer, School of Environmental Health

  • Health effects of air pollution, indoor air quality and the measurement of particulate matter

Andrea Reid, Physiotherapist, Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
604.880.7342, a_reid_@hotmail.com

  • Orthopedic and sport related conditions

UBC and the Olympics

Stephen Owen, Vice-President, External, Legal and Community Relations
604.822.6330, stephen.owen@ubc.ca

  • UBC’s Games-related learning, research and facilities

Geoff Atkins, Assoc. Vice President, Land & Building Services
604.822.4167, 604.219-5690 (cell), geoff.atkins@ubc.ca

  • UBC impacts, sustainability, transportation, infrastructure

Bob Philip, Athletics and Recreation
Contact through Ben Shach at 604.822.9115, varsity@interchange.ubc.ca

  • UBC varsity athletes, UBC Thunderbird Arena

Kavie Toor, Athletics and Recreation
604.822.1688, ktoor@interchange.ubc.ca

  • UBC Thunderbird Arena

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