Board of Governors Approves New Tuition Fees

UBC’s Board of Governors, at its March 18 meeting,
approved a 16 per cent base increase in tuition for undergraduate
and research graduate programs. With the increase, the base
undergraduate tuition will be $4,012 per year. The base tuition
for research graduate students will be $3,712 per year.

At the same time, the Board mandated that $5.1 million or
22 per cent of the additional tuition revenue for 2004-05
will be allocated to increased student financial aid.

Vice-president, Students Brian Sullivan said that this year’s
increases were necessary in order to maintain existing student
and faculty ratios, provide the necessary student financial
support, and meet increased operating costs including salary

The new fee schedule will take effect in May 2004.
Detailed information on the tuition fee proposal approved
by the Board can be found at: