Arts student Laura Best (l) and economics lecturer Robert Gateman put the bite on rating professors with chili peppers. - photo by Martin Dee
Arts student Laura Best (l) and economics lecturer Robert
Gateman put the bite on rating professors with chili peppers
– photo by Martin Dee

UBC Reports | Vol. 49 | No. 12 | Dec.
4, 2003

Grading the Professors

For decades, university students had a simple way to rate
their professors — word of mouth. These days, they’re
more likely to visit a website called
where students can anonymously post comments on the teaching
abilities of their instructors.

Unspoken Epidemic

What is the effect of continued exposure to the suffering
of others? That’s the question UBC researchers and international
trauma specialists will explore in an interdisciplinary workshop
to be held in 2004 at UBC’s Peter Wall Institute for
Advanced Studies (PWIAS).

from The Pink Book

UBC Law student Patricia Cochran sees red when she thinks
how poorly adolescent girls living in poverty are treated
in the criminal justice system. She’d prefer to see

How Many Species can We Afford to Lose?

Will we really be worse off when the last giant panda disappears
from the earth? Does our own survival depend on the fate of
the mountain gorilla? The whooping crane? The common house

Chuck Slonecker — Retires

UBC will never be the same. Part of its charm, part of its
grace, and part of its history will be lost when Chuck Slonecker,
former head of the Anatomy Department and Director of Ceremonies
soon retires.

United Way Contributions Climb

As the 2003 UBC United Way campaign wraps up this month,
volunteers and donors continue to support this growing campaign.

New Marshal

There’s a new Marshal in town, a new University Marshal
to be exact. Music professor Nancy Hermiston has been appointed
UBC’s first university marshal.

What to Expect — or Make That Forget — When You’re

Expectant mothers not-so-affectionately call it “baby
brain” — that memory loss that strikes during pregnancy,
especially in the third trimester, and leaves them wondering
where they’ve put their keys or parked their car.

Trek 2010 Gets a Face-Lift

Trek 2000, UBC’s strategic plan, is undergoing a face-lift
as the university re-examines its current vision and looks
forward to a landmark year for British Columbia.

Enough Tribbles for One Day

In the world of fiction, astronauts and Polar explorers often
go mad, are overtaken by small, irresistibly cute furry creatures,
or get killed by alien life forms or mysterious disease. The
ending is rarely a happy one.

A New Way to Search for Diamonds in the Rough

Thanks to an invitation to study an unusual deposit of kimberlite
in Canada’s Northwest Territories, UBC researchers have
discovered a new, cost-effective way to help diamond mining
companies search for the valuable minerals and develop mine

A Good Read

With the holiday season approaching, those with young ones
on their gift lists might want to consider a remarkable children’s
book with an interesting UBC link.