UBC Alumni

UBC Reports | Vol. 49 | No. 11 | Nov.
6, 2003

The UBC Alumni Association will honour accomplished members
of the UBC community at its Ninth Annual Alumni Achievement
Dinner on November 20 at the Fairmont Waterfront in downtown
Vancouver. For more information and to purchase tickets, please
visit the website at www.alumni.ubc.ca
or call 604-822-3313.

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award

Alice Low-Fung Mui, BSc’86, PhD

Mui is an assistant professor in the department of surgery
at UBC, as well as a research scientist for both the Vancouver
Hospital Sciences Centre and the B.C. Transplant Society.
She has distinguished herself in research that examines how
hormones produced by certain cells in the immune system regulate
the function of other cells. The research may lead to a better
understanding of the proliferation of cells in blood diseases
such as leukemia, and to effective approaches for preventing
rejection in organ transplants. A paper describing her research
was featured in the “Hot Paper” section of the
journal The Scientist, a spot reserved for findings that have
an unusually high impact on the research community.

She completed post-doctoral studies in California before
being recruited by UBC in 1999. In the department of Surgery,
she works with clinical researchers to translate her work
into improvements in patient care.

Respected for her outstanding science, Mui has been a keynote
speaker for three international scientific societies and is
sought by several professional journals as a manuscript reviewer.
She is assistant editor of Experimental Hematology, an international
journal on blood disorders, and a reviewer for the journal
Blood. She is a magnet for grants and awards and is a current
recipient of a Canadian Institute of Health Research Scholarship.

Mui is supervisor and mentor to masters and doctoral candidates
and is a keen teacher with consistently high evaluations;
students often seek her out for help. Two of her graduate
charges were chosen for podium presentations at international
scientific symposia in Montreal and Torino. She sits on five
provincial and national scientific grant review panels, is
a member of the department of surgery’s division of
General Surgery Resident Education Committee, the Advisory
Committee of the Vancouver Hospital, the Grant Review Panel
for the Canadian Cancer Research Society and many other scholarly