UBC Reports | Vol. 49 | No. 7 | Jul.
3, 2003

UBC’s Alumni Association Trek Magazine continues to
gain international and national awards and recognition.

Trek writer Diane Haynes recently was named among the winners
in Canada’s 26th Annual National Magazine Awards. She
won an Honourable Mention in the Health and Medicine division
for an article entitled Change your Mind.

Museum Rocks

Curator Kirsten Parker and Asst. Prof. of Earth and Ocean
Sciences Stuart Sutherland (right) welcome visitors to UBC’s
newest on-campus museum. The Pacific Museum of the Earth,
which opened officially on June 19, merges the collections
of the Pacific Mineral Museum, formerly located on W. Hastings
St., and the university’s M.Y. Williams Geological Museum.

The 30,000-piece collection includes spectacular samples
of rocks, mineral and fossils from all over the world and
a six-metre-long Lambeosaurus skeleton named George. Eventually,
the museum will also house a tornado machine, a seismic centre,
several oceanography displays, and a teaching resource centre
for K-12 and undergraduate educators.

The museum is located on the main floor of the Earth and
Ocean Sciences Building, 6339 Stores Rd., and is open to the
public Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission is free. For
more information, contact Kirsten Parker at 604.822.6992.