Blake to head Faculty Association for two-year term

Zoology Prof. Robert Blake has been elected president of UBC’s Faculty
Association for a two-year term. He has served as the association’s
vice-president for the past two years.

Mary Russell, Social Work, an ex-officio member of last year’s executive
committee and chair of the Personnel Services Committee, replaces Blake in the
vice-president’s position.

Billie Housego, Educational Psychology and Special Education, was re-elected to
a third term as the association’s secretary. David Walker, Chemistry, one of
last year’s members-at-large, will serve as treasurer.

George Spiegelman, Microbiology, Ross Labrie, English, and Ann Dusing,
Classics, return as members-at-large for another year. Joining them are
newly-elected Nicolas Jaeger, Electrical Engineering, Paul Marantz, Political
Science, and Angela Redish, Economics.

Elected again as an ex-officio member is Norma Wieland, Germanic Studies, who
was reaffirmed as chair of the Salaries and Economic Benefits Committee.

Serving their first terms as ex-officio members are Terry Crawford,
Botany/Zoology, who will chair the Status of Women Committee, and Gloria
Joachim, Nursing, as chair of the Personnel Services Committee.