The Next Big Thing…in your field


UBC News is looking for what’s cool in your field of study that may just change our world

We are putting out a call to all UBC researchers. Tell us what gets you charged up in your field of study — a game-changing innovation that could have a dramatic effect on your field and our world. Here’s the kicker: keep it simple. Just share with our community the nugget of the concept in 100 words.

Your submissions will be posted along with your name and from these, ten will be chosen for feature profiles by UBC News and guest editors David Ng (Michael Smith Laboratories) and Paul Cubbon (Sauder School of Business). These will be written by UBC Journalism students and published in late December. UBC News will also arrange for a professional photo shoot with award-winning UBC photographer Martin Dee.

The deadline for submissions has passed. We thank everyone who wrote to us.


At the end of 2005 UBC Public Affairs had a simple idea: ask UBC researchers what is happening in their areas of work that will have important real world implications.

Since then, we have had researchers tell us about topics as intriguing as personalized pets, genomics and the advent of personalized medicine, treatments that can end HIV, the adoption of public national happiness measures, and intelligent buildings.

While these have indeed come to fruition, and others are still a work in progress, each year end these stories have helped us convey the power of discovery.

Now we want to broaden the discussion in an online format for all researchers to participate in and enjoy.

Thank you to our guest editors

daveng 150 2David Ng, Michael Smith Laboratories

Dave Ng is a geneticist, writer and science literacy academic. He runs a laboratory at the Michael Smith Labs with a particular interest in exploring the intersection between science and creativity.





Paul Cubbon, Sauder School of Business

Paul is an experimental and innovative educator. His interests are in 1) enhanced learning experience design, 2) social media and its evolving role in consumer decision-making 2) innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular lean approaches to customer discovery and business model design.




Thank you UBC School of Journalism

UBC School of Journalism

Another new aspect of this annual project is the assistance of UBC’s School of Journalism, which has agreed to offer this opportunity to students. Up to ten aspiring journalists will apply their talents to help bring your stories to life.

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Thank you for sharing your stories!