Expert Profile

Dr. Juan José Alava, PhD

Research Associate & Principal Investigator (He/Him/His)


  • marine eco-toxicology
  • ocean conservation and pollution
  • environmental toxicology and chemistry
  • food web bioaccumulation modeling of pollutants (Bioaccumulation Science)
  • ocean pollution by plastics/microplastics
  • sea turtles and marine mammals’ eco-toxicology
  • marine ecology
  • conservation biology
  • tropical biodiversity, and ecology
  • fishery science and management
  • climate change science
  • the impact of climate change and acidification in marine organisms and fisheries
  • climate change adaptation strategies in fisheries
  • population dynamics and conservation of marine mammals
  • biology and conservation of marine mammals
  • seabirds and sea turtles
  • field ornithology
  • aquatic microbiology
  • eco-toxicological risk assessment
  • environmental impact assessments and environmental policy
  • public health
  • tropical parasitology
  • environmental/conservation medicine
  • English
  • Spanish

Alternate Contact

Alex Walls
UBC Media Relations

Tel: 778-984-6173