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Media to mountains subjects for Vancouver Institute fall lecture series

Globe and Mail Editor-in-Chief William Thorsell and Stanford University education expert Prof. Larry Cuban are among the speakers participating in The Vancouver Institute fall lecture series at the University of […]

Internationally known brain researcher to head up new Vancouver centre

University of British Columbia brain researcher Max Cynader has been named director of the new Brain and Spinal Cord Research Centre at the Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre (VHHSC), […]

Stakeholders to review Forest Accord report card

Canada is making “reasonable” progress toward sustainable forest management, but there remains a lot of work to do, a panel of experts has stated after evaluating the National Forest Strategy […]

No cavities — good news in any language

Children of Vietnamese families were the subjects of Vancouver’s first culturally specific oral health promotion project, recently completed by UBC’s Faculty of Dentistry. Many Vietnamese toddlers suffer from nursing decay, […]

No first day classes for new UBC students thanks to Imagine UBC

For most new university students, the first day of school is a desperate attempt to hunt down classrooms while trying to orient themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. But UBC’s 5,000 new […]

Building opening ushers in new era in Canadian journalism

Sing Tao Ltd. Chair Sally Aw will join Sing Tao School of Journalism Director Donna Logan, University of British Columbia President Martha Piper, Board of Governors Chair Shirley Chan, and […]

Sing Tao School of Journalism building opens at UBC

Event: Sing Tao School of Journalism building opening Date: Wednesday, Aug. 27, 1997 Time: 2:30 p.m. Location: Corner of West Mall and Crescent Road (Gate 4) Parking: Available at the […]

Burnaby transformation may pave way for brighter high-density future

Faced with burgeoning populations, car-oriented communities, and a growing demand for greenspace, thousands of North American communities stand to benefit from an urban design exercise about to get underway in […]

South Pacific genes may hold Alzheimer’s clues

A disease found on the South Pacific island of Guam may shed light on how Alzheimer’s disease develops, according to a team of researchers led by UBC neuroscientist Dr. Pat […]

UBC zeros in on bad breath Aug. 22-23

Experts in bad breath from as far as Europe and Australia will converge on UBC Aug. 22-23 when the Faculty of Dentistry hosts the Third International Conference on Breath Odor. […]

New appointments to UBC board announced

Three new members have been appointed by the provincial government to UBC’s Board of Governors. They are: business leader Larry Bell, president and CEO of Shato Holdings Ltd., a food […]

UBC grad takes UBC-developed technology to the final frontier

A UBC graduate will boldly go where no UBC graduate has gone before when astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason blasts off in the space shuttle Discovery Aug. 7. Tryggvason, a 1972 Engineering […]

UBC makes cuts to balance 1997/98 budget

The University of British Columbia is making the deepest budget cuts in more than a decade in order to produce a balanced budget for the 1997/98 fiscal year. The university […]

New principal, students, alumni attend St. John’s College opening at UBC

Today’s opening ceremony for the first phase of St. John’s College at the University of British Columbia marks the realization of a long-cherished dream for graduates of St. John’s University, […]

UBC and SFU collaborate to study relationship between government and business

Business scholars from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University are joining forces to study the relationship between public policy and business. The SFU-UBC Centre for the Study […]

Outdoor workers leaving themselves exposed to skin cancer, researchers find

Sunscreen is just for the beach, right? Not according to a study comparing sun exposure during leisure and work activities recently released by UBC researchers. Jean Shoveller, research associate at […]

Spirit of St. John’s College reborn at UBC

Event: Opening of first phase of St. John’s College Date: Monday, July 28, 1997 Time: 5 p.m. Place: St. John’s College, 2111 Lower Mall, UBC Parking is available in the […]

Former Trudeau foreign policy adviser, deputy minister to lead new UBC centre

Two well-known Canadian foreign policy specialists have been appointed to senior positions in the recently created Liu Centre for International Studies at the University of British Columbia, UBC President David […]

Researchers ready to take whale of a call

John Ford is probably the only person in the world who might realistically expect to answer his cellular phone and hear killer whales on the line — live from somewhere […]

UBC names Sing Tao School of Journalism director

Former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation executive Donna Logan has been named director of the Sing Tao School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia. Her appointment begins August 1, 1997. […]