UBC experts on U.S. policy of separating migrant families

U.S. President Donald Trump is defending his administration’s practice of separating families entering the U.S. illegally, despite growing protests and condemnation. UBC experts are available to comment:


Efrat Arbel
Peter A. Allard School of Law
Cel: 604-722-6162
Email: arbel@allard.ubc.ca

  • Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement
  • Refugee law
  • Refugee law at the border
  • Canada-U.S. border policy

*unavailable on Thursday afternoon

Political Science

Paul J. Quirk
Department of Political Science
Email: paul.quirk@ubc.ca

  • U.S. politics
  • role of U.S Congress in enacting policies


Ashley Miller
Department of Psychiatry
Email: ashley.miller@ubc.ca


Andrew Baron
Department of Psychology
Tel: 604-822-2755
Email: abaron@psych.ubc.ca

  • early child development
  • impact of separation on infants and children
  • effects of childhood trauma

Kiley Hamlin
Department of Psychology
Tel: 604-822-2297
Lab: 604-822-8780
Email: kiley.hamlin@psych.ubc.ca

  • Social, social-cognitive, and moral development in infants and children
  • Child attachment and separation

David Klonsky
Department of Psychology
Email: EDKlonsky@psych.ubc.ca
Tel: 604-822-5972

  • impact of disrupted connectedness and parental care on suicide risk

Social Work 

Edward H. Taylor
Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC Okanagan
Email: edward.taylor@ubc.ca
Tel: 250-807-8740

  • Mental disorders
  • Impact of environment and trauma on children and youth