UBC experts on federal budget

UBC experts will be available to comment on various aspects of Tuesday’s federal budget:


Thomas Davidoff
UBC Sauder School of Business
Tel: 604-822-8325
Email: thomas.davidoff@sauder.ubc.ca

  • housing, real estate, mortgages

Paul Kershaw
School of Population and Public Health
Cell: 604-761-4583
Email: paul.kershaw@ubc.ca

  • generational equity, family policy, youth

*unavailable Tuesday before 2 p.m. PT


Allan Tupper
Department of Political Science
Tel: 604-827-3387
Email: allan.tupper@ubc.ca

  • Canadian politics, Western Canadian politics

Prescription drugs

Aslam Anis
School of Population and Public Health
Tel: 604-806-8712
Cell: 778-996-2442
Email: aslam.anis@ubc.ca

  • health economics, pharmaceutical pricing and policy

Michael Law
School of Population and Public Health
Tel: 604-849-6048
Email: michael.law@ubc.ca

  • pharmaceutical policy, health insurance, drug costs

Larry Lynd
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tel: 604-827-3397
Email: larry.lynd@ubc.ca

  • health economics, pharmaceutical policy

Steve Morgan
School of Population and Public Health
Email: steve.morgan@ubc.ca

  • pharmaceutical policy, drug insurance, pharmacare

Seniors’ care

Kim McGrail
School of Population and Public Health
Cell: 778-998-3821
Email: kim.mcgrail@ubc.ca

  • aging and healthcare services use

Deborah O’Connor
School of Social Work
Tel: 604-551-0459
Email: deborah.oconnor@ubc.ca

  • aging, healthcare, family support, senior citizens


David Duff
Peter A. Allard School of Law
Tel: 604-827-3586
Email: duff@allard.ubc.ca

  • taxation, tax law and policy

*unavailable Tuesday before 12:30 p.m. PT

Kevin Milligan
Vancouver School of Economics
Email: kevin.milligan@ubc.ca

  • public finances, taxation, retirement, social policy

*unavailable Tuesday before 1 p.m. PT