UBC experts on back-to-school season

UBC experts are available to comment on various school- and education-related topics.

Socialization and learning

Dr. Amori Mikami (she/her)
Professor, Department of Psychology
Email: mikami@psych.ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Peer relationships, friendships, cross-racial friendships, bullying, social networking, ADHD

Dr. Lee Gunderson
Professor, Department of Language and Literacy Education
Email: lee.gunderson@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • English as a second language, reading, immigrant students

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin
Professor, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Email: marina.milner-bolotin@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English, Russian

  • Parental engagement in children’s education, math and science education

*Available after Sept. 2 

Dr. Linda Siegel
Professor Emeritus, Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology, and Special Education
Email: linda.siegel@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Learning disabilities, dyslexia, English as a second language

COVID-19, sleep, and health

Dr. Wendy Hall
Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing
Email: wendy.hall@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • Effects of opening extracurricular activities on students’ sleep, particularly adolescents, returning school-aged kids to a good sleep routine, COVID-19 impacts on sleep routines.

Dr. Manish Sadarangani (he/him)
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Email: msadarangani@bcchr.ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • COVID-19 advice for parents with kids returning to school, vaccines, pediatric infectious diseases.

Education policy and administration

Dr. Jason Ellis
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies
Email: j.ellis@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English, French

  • School board politics, teacher contract negotiations, finance/funding, taxes, governance, special education

Dr. Michelle Stack
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies
Email: michelle.stack@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • University rankings, equity and education, cooperatives and education, educational policy

Inclusion and equity

Dr. Harper Keenan (he/him)
Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Email: Harper.Keenan@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • SOGI inclusion, equity in education, elementary education, talking to young children about difficult topics

Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc (she/her)
Professor and Director, School of Nursing
Director, Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre
Email: elizabeth.saewyc@ubc.ca
Interview language(s): English

  • How schools and families can support LGBTQ2S+ youth, LGBTQ2S+ youth health issues, health consequences of stigma and discrimination for young people

Online privacy and security

Dr. Robert Xiao
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
Interview Language(s): English

  • Security and privacy in online platforms