First Canadian study of gender-affirming surgery highlights a long and frustrating journey for transgender patients

Access to gender-affirming surgery has improved in British Columbia over the past couple years, but transgender people needing to access surgery still face complex and often unclear pathways.


Business, Law and Society

The effect of out-of-town buyers on Vancouver home prices

Vancouver has attracted a flurry of out-of-town homebuyers, but little is known about their impact on real estate prices.

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Arts and Humanities

The future of journalism lies in collaboration

UBC associate professor Peter Klein and recent Asper visiting professor Sandra Bartlett discuss the importance of collaborations between journalists at different news organizations in an increasingly challenging media landscape.

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Science, Health and Technology

Herbivores help protect ecosystems from climate change

Plant-eating critters are the key ingredient to helping ecosystems survive global warming, finds new UBC research that offers some hope for a defence strategy against climate change.

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University News

Future health professionals receive new training to better care for Indigenous people

Students from 11 of UBC’s health-related programs will come together for the first time on Thursday for a new learning experience designed to help them better serve Indigenous people.

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UBC researchers develop earthquake-resistant concrete

A new seismic-resistant, fibre-reinforced concrete developed at the University of British Columbia will see its first real-life application this fall as part of the seismic retrofit of a Vancouver elementary school.


A lesson for Canada: Quebec pharmacare system creates winners and losers

Quebec spends $200 more per person than the rest of Canada to provide prescription drug coverage to everyone in the province, finds new research that could inform plans for a nationwide universal drug plan.


Lower education and income linked to higher suicide risks for gay and bisexual men

Gay and bisexual men making less than $30,000 a year and without a university degree have more than five times the odds of attempting suicide compared with their more advantaged peers, according to new research from



Police shouldn’t pose as journalists even for crimefighting purposes as it creates risks for journalists, says UBC journalism professor Peter W. Klein in an op-ed for the Globe and Mail.

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Expert Spotlight

UBC experts on B.C. marijuana legalization framework

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth has outlined B.C’s next steps in the legalization of recreational marijuana. UBC experts are available to comment.

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UBC Athletics

Thunderbirds take on Heat in season opener

In a battle of the sister schools, the UBC Thunderbirds will take on the UBCO Heat in Kelowna to begin their 2017-18 Canada West seasons.

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Feature Video

Master of Land and Water Systems

The Master of Land and Water Systems prepares students to meet the emerging global concerns of water resource conservation.

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UBC Events

The Three Stages of Environmentalism

  • Saturday October 21, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Chan Centre
The 3 Stages of Environmentalism is a storytelling event from each of three generations of environmentalists: one young, one mature, and one bridging the two.