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The rise of pet-inclusive workplaces: Implications for leaders

Media mentioned a study by UBC psychology researchers which found that therapy dog sessions could drastically improve distressed students’ mental health and wellbeing. 

A new proof moves the needle on a sticky geometry problem

Mathematics professor Dr. Joshua Zahl co-led a study which used a mathematical property called “stickiness” to prove that a paradoxical-sounding set cannot exist. Dr. Pablo Shmerkin commented on the findings. 

Some insects feast on burnt trees after wildfires. Experts worry they could cause further destruction

Forestry PhD candidate Kate Kitchens is studying how insects kill trees that survived wildfire. 
CBC News via The Weather Network, Yahoo 

Scientists develop unreal solution to get toxic microplastics out of our drinking water

Forestry and chemical and biological engineering researchers developed a device that uses wood dust to trap up to 99.9 per cent of microplastics in water. Director of UBC’s BioProducts Institute Dr. Orlando Rojas was quoted. 
The Cool Down via Yahoo 

No more soft plastics as Yukon recyclers brace for major changes

UBCO engineering professor Dr. Mohammad Arjmand is leading research on how to manipulate the properties of recycled plastics, making them more resistant to heat or corrosion, or conductive to electricity. 
CBC News 

Inside the battle to open Insite 20 years ago, and why it never ended

Dr. Thomas Kerr, head of the division of social medicine, conducted research which found that Canada’s first supervised injection site led to a reduction in deaths and an uptake in treatment. 
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, Windsor Star, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, The Province, Prince George Post 

A study showed giving money to homeless people changes lives. What’s next?

A UBC study found that unhoused people are more likely to spend a lump sum of money on rent, food, housing, transit and clothes, despite public perception otherwise. 
The Tyee 

Are we losing the war on cancer?

Medicine professor Dr. Janessa Laskin is researching cancer treatment. 
The Walrus 

These Vancouver areas don't have enough "healing" green spaces: UBC researchers

Forestry professor Dr. Tahia Devisscher led the development of a new tool, the local restorative nature index, to assess spaces for the presence of qualities that promote mental well-being. 
Daily Hive 

World Cup 2026: Could climate crisis impact the men's tournament?

Sport and exercise medicine and kinesiology professor Dr. Michael Koehle said being exposed to wildfire smoke over consecutive days “will have health consequences”. 
BBC Sport 

Scientists have spent 40 years trying to understand salt

Zoology professor Dr. Michael Gordon commented on how the tongue perceives the taste of salt. 
The Atlantic (subscription) 

Did pirates really talk like that? Arrrguably, no.

Linguistics professor Dr. Molly Babel was quoted in an opinion piece about the modern rendition of how the original pirates spoke.  

Emergency care for self-harm, suicidal thoughts increased during pandemic for young Canadians

Nursing professor Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc said the COVID-19 pandemic led to isolation and upheaval, and death and illness, which are likely contributors to the problems experienced by young people. 
Globe and Mail 

Researchers have created a camera system to track the ever-increasing satellites lighting up our night skies

Political science professor Dr. Michael Byers said the sheer number of satellites that may be deployed over the next decades will have consequences that are difficult to fully assess. 
Globe and Mail 

CEOs to meet with Industry Minister Monday as cost of living set to dominate Parliament’s return

Dr. Penny Gurstein, co-director of UBC’s housing research collaborative, said it’s good that housing topics are being debated by politicians. 
Globe and Mail (subscription) 

Municipalities can't solve homelessness without more federal and provincial aid, experts say

Dr. Carolyn Whitzman, expert advisor at Peter A. Allard School of Law’s housing research collaborative, said raising property taxes may end up financially hurting the people most at risk of becoming homeless. 
CBC News 

TikTok hit with $500M fine in Europe for past failings safeguarding youth privacy

Education professor Dr. Jenna Shapka said children growing up today need to learn how social media platforms work and how to thrive on them, as opposed to avoiding contact with them. 
CBC News 

Recovering from trauma of wildfires

UBCO sociology professor Dr. Mary Ann Murphy discussed how to cope with the trauma of losing everything in a wildfire or being evacuated from your home. 
Global News 

Vancouver's multiplex plan met with support, but some hoped it would be more ambitious

Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Tom Davidoff said Vancouver’s plan for multiplex homes does not allow for enough density. 
CTV News via iHeart Radio 

Study highlights concerning toxins found in paper straws

Dr. Juan José Alava (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) commented on a study which found that paper straws were more likely to be contaminated with PFAS, a forever chemical, than any other type of straw. 
CTV News via iHeart Radio 

Developers react to GST break on purpose-built rentals

School of population and public health professor Dr. Paul Kershaw commented on the housing market in Canada. 
CTV News via iHeart Radio 

Mask up again? Here's what to know about the call to ready masks

Medicine adjunct professor Dr. Horacio Bach discussed the use of masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 
Postmedia via National Post, Windsor Star, The Londoner, The Province, Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Regina Leader-Post, Montreal Gazette, O Canada, Prince George Post 

Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed with proper treatment and research

Dr. Roger Wong, clinical professor of geriatric medicine, said more awareness and understanding of Alzheimer’s is needed as its prevalence is expected to rise exponentially. 

We gave $7,500 to people experiencing homelessness — here’s what happened next

Dr. Jiaying Zhao (psychology), Dr. Anita Palepu (medicine) and PhD student Daniel Daly-Grafstein (statistics) co-wrote about their study which challenged the stereotype that people living in homelessness will squander monetary gifts on drugs and alcohol. 
The Conversation via Yahoo, MSN 

What Canadians need to know about West Nile virus, a mosquito-borne infection that can be life-threatening

Pathology and laboratory medicine clinical professor Dr. Muhammad Morshed discussed the symptoms of West Nile virus and preventative measures to avoid infection. 
The Conversation via Yahoo