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Fish stocks along Atlantic, Pacific coasts unaffected by marine heat waves, study says

Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries director Dr. William Cheung and postdoctoral fellow Dr. Juliano Palacios Abrantes co-authored a study which found that the impacts of heatwaves on bottom-dwelling fish were often minimal.  
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B.C.’s wildfire crisis was forecast, but it arrived decades sooner than expected

Forestry professor Dr. Lori Daniels co-authored a study which found that rising temperatures due to climate change have dried out B.C.’s forests, leading to a historic spike in wildfire activity over the past two decades. 
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Studying Vancouver's bats in front of a curious audience

Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability graduate student Aaron Aguirre spent the summer monitoring bats in B.C.  
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Sidewalk gardens keep harmful chemicals out of streams

A study co-authored by Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability postdoctoral fellow Dr. Timothy Rodgers found that specially designed gardens could reduce the amount of a toxic chemical associated with tires entering our waterways by more than 90 per cent. 
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A treasure trove of pristine asteroid samples will soon be delivered to Earth

Researchers from UBC will be part of Canada’s efforts to analyze samples from the asteroid Bennu collected by NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx. 
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Researchers gave 200 people $10,000 each to study generosity

Media mentioned a study co-authored by psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn that gave 200 people $10,000 to spend to investigate if they would be selfish or generous with the money. 
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Fast fires

UBCO earth, environmental and geographic sciences professor Dr. Mathieu Bourbonnais and PhD candidate Jeffrey Nishima-Miller discussed what causes some fires to move so fast. 
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Drug overdoses, COVID-19 drive Sask. life expectancy to lowest level in 22 years

School of population and public health professor Dr. Kim McGrail commented on Saskatchewan’s life expectancy decrease. 
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Ketamine breaks into B.C.'s public health sector as 'powerful intervention' for severe depression

Psychiatry professor Dr. Joseph Tham commented on Vancouver Coastal Health’s ketamine intervention program to treat those who struggle with depression.  
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Stopping immigration won’t fix Canada’s housing crisis

Dr. Carolyn Whitzman, expert advisor at Peter A. Allard School of Law’s housing research collaborative, discussed Canada’s housing crisis. 

Welcome to the mirror world, where nothing is as it seems

Geography professor Dr. Naomi Klein wrote about political doppelgangers, those who appropriate, mimic or co-opt political movements for their own gain.  
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Elon Musk’s moves in Ukraine show he’s no master of geopolitics

Political science professor Dr. Michael Byers wrote about SpaceX’s involvement in the Ukraine-Russia war. 
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