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How is the Miami River cleaned? New technologies to eradicate microplastics

Media mentioned a device developed by forestry and chemical and biological engineering researchers that uses wood dust to trap up to 99.9 per cent of microplastics in water. 
NBC (Miami) 

Study provides hope on how we can help the homeless

Psychology professor Dr. Jiaying Zhao led a study which found that unhoused people are more likely to spend a lump sum of money on rent, food, housing, transit and clothes, despite public perception otherwise. 
Independent Online (South Africa) 

Researchers simulating wildfire evacuations for five Western Canadian communities

Civil engineering professor Dr. Amy Kim is part of a study that will survey residents in the Alberta communities of Canmore and Whitecourt and the B.C. towns of Quesnel, Salmon Arm and Nelson on evacuations and decisions in disasters. 
Globe and Mail (subscription) 

One secret to happy aging? Learn to stop fearing it

Media mentioned a study by psychology professor Dr. Eric Kim which showed that a positive attitude toward one’s own aging is associated with better physical health and well-being. 
Globe and Mail (subscription) 

B.C.'s forests are becoming more flammable due to climate change, finds study

Forestry professor Dr. Lori Daniels co-authored a study which found that rising temperatures due to climate change have dried out B.C.’s forests, leading to a historic spike in wildfire activity over the past two decades. 
Glacier Media via Business in Vancouver, Vancouver is Awesome, Richmond News, Burnaby Now, Tri-City News, North Shore News, Squamish Chief, Delta Optimist, New Westminster Record, Prince George Citizen 

New research affirms ancestral knowledge, dates Tsleil-Waututh fishery back to 850 BC

New research confirms that the Tsleil-Waututh Nation has consistently and sustainably fished for chum salmon for 1,200 years longer than previously thought. The research was a collaborative effort between the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at UBC, UBC’s department of anthropology, and the consulting firm Kerr Wood Leidal. 
IndigiNews via Vancouver Sun, The Province, O Canada, Penticton Herald, Welland Tribune, Hamilton Spectator, Yahoo 

Vancouver parents raise alarm as school board looks to close schools in growing neighbourhoods

School of community and regional planning professor Dr. Michael Hooper said the Vancouver School Board’s plan to close schools ignores the massive housing projects planned for Vancouver. 
Globe and Mail 

B.C. drought brings increased flood risks, far-reaching damage, experts warn

Forestry professors Drs. Younes Alila and John Richardson commented on potential flooding after a summer of wildfires and drought in B.C.
Dr. Alila: CBC News
Dr. Richardson: Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, O Canada, Prince George Post 

He built his family cabin to be fire resilient. It burned down anyway

Forestry professor Dr. Felix Wiesner said that you can reduce the risk of wildfire damage to your home up to a certain point, but you cannot completely eliminate it.  
CBC News 

The 'perfect' teaching assistant? Universities find new uses for AI

Theatre and film professor Dr. Patrick Parra Pennefather discussed how to use AI in the university classroom. 
CBC News 

Forest blackened by Saint Andrews-area fire sprouts signs of life

Forestry postdoctoral researcher Dr. Sarah Dickson-Hoyle said trees are often only charred on the outside, so they can still be used, preventing them from going to waste. 
CBC News 

Vancouver Island animal rehab centre seeks helmets to keep volunteers safe from frisky fawns

UBCO biology professor Dr. Adam Ford said to not approach fawns that appear abandoned because “there’s a 90 per cent chance that a female deer is nearby and is waiting for you to leave.” 
CBC News via Yahoo 

As hungry bears feast in B.C. towns, some people are taking a 'no snitching' stance

UBCO biology professor Dr. Adam Ford said letting food-habituated bears roam the streets eating “non-natural foodmay affect bears’ health. 
CBC News via Yahoo 

Small B.C. businesses get creative trying to survive inflation

UBCO economics professor Dr. Ross Hickey said small business owners will likely be forced into painful decisions such as cutting staff, shortening hours or raising prices, due to inflation. 
CBC News via MSN 

Greenpeace opposes nuclear energy. Young climate activists say that's 'old-fashioned'

School of public policy and global affairs professor Dr. M.V. Ramana said nuclear energy is neither a desirable nor a viable solution to climate change. 
CBC Radio, Interesting Engineering 

Window to meet global climate goals ‘rapidly closing,’ UN report warns

Drs. Kathryn Harrison (political science) and Simon Donner (geography; Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) commented on a UN report that claimed efforts to curb global warming are far off track. 
Global News via MSN 

Dermatologist-approved skin care tips to prep your skin for winter

Faculty of medicine clinical instructor Dr. Monica Li gave tips for transitioning your skin care through the different seasons. 
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, O Canada, Edmonton Journal, Financial Post, Regina Leader-Post, StarPhoenix 

Could a dedicated medical school for family doctors solve the shortage?

Family practice professor Dr. Rita McCracken said a dedicated school for family doctors is an “exciting idea, but it doesn’t address the “broken down” system that steered physicians away in the first place. 
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, O Canada, Prince George Post 

'Don't give up' on life with Alzheimer's disease

Nursing adjunct professor Dr. Heather Cooke commented on the use of drugs Lecanemab and Donanemab to treat dementia in Canada. 

How to use artificial intelligence in the K-12 classroom

Education professor Dr. Ron Darvin discussed how to use artificial intelligence in the classroom. 
CKNW Jas Johal Show, CHNL Newsday with Brett Mineer 

Climate change and the agricultural economy in Canada – are we prepared for a hotter climate?

Land and food systems professor Dr. Sean Smukler discussed the current challenges farmers are facing in Canada due to climate change. 
Rabble Radio 

The magnitude of loss due to wildfire in B.C. on par with Australia, the Western U.S. and the Mediterranean

UBCO earth, environmental and geographic sciences professor Dr. Mathieu Bourbonnais discussed the Okanagan’s wildfire history.