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Here's what people say they would need to feel safe with driverless cars on B.C. streets

Civil engineering professor Dr. Alex Bigazzi and PhD student Gurdiljot Singh Gill conducted a study which found that more than 40 per cent of British Columbians believe pedestrians will be less safe with self-driving cars on roadways. 
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Launch Canada gathers future Canadian rocketeers

Members of the UBC Rocket student engineering design team participated in the Launch Canada competition in Ontario where they tested their rockets. 
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Childhood allergies, from skin to lungs, could start in the gut: study

Several major childhood allergies may all stem from the community of bacteria living in our gut, according to a new study led by researchers at the faculty of medicine and B.C. Children’s Hospital. 
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'Light of hope': B.C. researchers say some fish surviving heat waves better than once thought

Institue for the Oceans and Fisheries director Dr. William Cheung and postdoctoral fellow Dr. Juliano Palacios Abrantes co-authored a study which found that fish were resilient to marine heatwaves before 2019. 
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Coast volunteers part of 'unprecedented effort' to study invasive freshwater jellyfish

Earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences postdoctoral fellow Dr. Florian Lüskow is researching invasive jellyfish in B.C.’s freshwaters. 
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'The public has the wrong idea': $7,500 in cash given to 50 homeless in basic-income study

Psychology professor Dr. Jiaying Zhao led a study which found that unhoused people are more likely to spend a lump sum of money on rent, food, housing, transit and clothes, despite public perception otherwise.  
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Trail of devastation

UBC creative and critical studies professor Dr. Greg Garrard said a reason wildfires are becoming more severe is because there is more fuel to burn than what was historically available. 
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Whales swimming behind fishing vessels to catch escaped fish is risky, potentially lethal behavior

Dr. Andrew Trites, director of the marine mammal research unit, commented on whales following fishing vessels to catch fish that have escaped fishing nets. 
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What you need to know about COVID-19 as we head into fall

Zoology professor Dr. Sarah Otto said COVID-19 infections are up likely because our body’s defences are down as many of us have not had infections or the vaccine for a while.  
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More Canadians are using smartphones instead of credit cards to pay — here’s how to make sure your money stays safe

Sauder School of Business Dr. Hasan Cavusoglu commented on the safety of mobile phone wallets. 
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Vancouver's architecture, by design, was never meant to handle extreme heat

Architecture professors Sara Stevens and Patrick Condon said that current construction standards in B.C. are not suitable for extreme heat. 
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B.C. Premier's Bank of Canada appeal 'a terrible mistake,' says economist

UBCO economics professor Ross Hickey said Premier Eby urging the Bank of Canada to halt further interest rate hikes is “reckless.” 
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Impossible to evacuate Yellowknife by electric car due to lack of infrastructure

Electrical and computer engineering professor Dr. William Dunford commented on electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Canada. 
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Coquitlam man with epilepsy advocates for surgical seizure treatment only available in the U.S.

Neurology professor Dr. Judy Illes explained a seizure treatment called Responsive Neuro Stimulation. 
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B.C. landscapes may never recover from wildfire damage, ecologists say

UBCO biology professor Dr. Adam Ford and forestry PhD student Ira Sutherland commented on the effect of wildfires on our wildlife and landscapes. 
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Mosquito resurgence in Metro Vancouver

Zoology professor Dr. Ben Matthews commented on the increase in mosquitoes in Metro Vancouver. 
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As older U.S. politicians face health concerns, should there be an age limit?

Political science professor Dr. Gerald Baier said an incumbent politician with a proven track record of winning and fundraising is less likely to be challenged for their seat. 
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Here’s how to conquer math anxiety and succeed this semester

Mathematics professor Dr. Lindsey Daniels gave tips to help students overcome their math anxiety. 
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B.C. researching impacts of AI tools in the classroom

Education professor Dr. Ron Darvin commented on students’ use of artificial intelligence to complete their schoolwork.  
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Drinking water, aquatic life at risk due to B.C.'s fire-ravaged summer

Forestry professor Dr. John Richardson said this summer’s wildfires will have serious implications for the quality of B.C.’s watersheds. 
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Falling 'dominoes': Nanaimo latest B.C. municipality to ban natural gas heating in new homes

Political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison said she’s happy to see the “dominoes fall,” as local governments lead the move away from fossil fuels. 
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B.C.'s southern neighbours have wildfire risk reduction plans; B.C. doesn't

Forestry professor Dr. Lori Daniels said something must change because B.C.’s annual progress on reducing wildfire risk is insufficient. 
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How severe wildfires are reshaping the future of B.C. forests

Forestry professors Drs. Lori Daniels and Sally Aitken and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Sarah Dickson-Hoyle discussed how wildfires are changing B.C.’s forests. 
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Want to work less? That may be the future of labour for many people

Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Sima Sajjadiani said that a shortened work week is not bad news for employers. 
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Little latitude for objective evaluation

Peter A. Allard School of Law professor Dr. Emma Cunliffe commented on inquests into fatal shootings involving police. 
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Have you been stung? More wasps in B.C. right now, say scientists

Dr. Alison McAfee, postdoctoral fellow at UBC’s BeeHIVE research cluster, said wasp populations are more abundant right now as they’ve had the whole year to build up their colonies. 
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