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Scientists find common origin behind major childhood allergies

Several major childhood allergies may all stem from the community of bacteria living in our gut, according to a new study led by researchers at the faculty of medicine and BC Children’s Hospital. 
Asian News International  

Why you should tell your children about vanishing fireflies

Media articles discussed shifting baselines, a term coined by Dr. Daniel Pauly (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) to refer to gradual accommodation of the disappearance of species. 
Washington Post via MSN 

There are upsides to letting employees occasionally not follow the rules, study finds

Dr. Irene Kim (Sauder School of Business) led a study which suggested that employers should occasionally allow workers to ignore rules to help better serve customers.
Globe and Mail via Vancouver is Awesome, Richmond News, Burnaby Now, Times Colonist, North Shore News, Squamish Chief, Delta Optimist, New Westminster Record, Prince George Citizen, Powell River Peak 

Woman with paralysis can speak by thinking with a brain implant and A.I.

Neurology professor Dr. Judy Illes commented on a device that enabled two people with paralysis to communicate. 
Smithsonian Magazine 

Dog begs to join neighbour's daycare but has instant 'regret' in viral clip

Psychology professor emeritus Dr. Stanley Coren commented on the socialization of dogs.

There's a 'mass emergence' of mosquitoes in Metro Vancouver and recent rain is to blame

Zoology professor Dr. Ben Matthews commented on the increase in mosquitoes in Metro Vancouver. 
CBC Early Edition, Ming Pao 

Air traffic control failure in the UK

Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Werner Antweiler commented on the air traffic control failure in the U.K. that caused major travel delays.  
CBC Early Edition (6:20 mark) 

Supporting older adults displaced by wildfires

Dr. Roger Wong, clinical professor of geriatric medicine, discussed the impact of wildfires on seniors and the steps people can take to support their loved ones. 
CBC On The Coast, CKNW Jas Johal Show 

Will Japan's nuclear wastewater affect B.C.'s coast?

Dr. Allison Macfarlane (school of public policy and global affairs) commented on Japan’s plan to release radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. 
City News 

After fires, B.C. communities at higher risk of floods and landslides

Forestry professor Dr. Younes Alila and lecturer Dr. Peter Wood discussed the environmental impacts of B.C.’s recent wildfires. 
Vancouver Sun