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What do we really know about happiness? Probably less than we think

Psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn and graduate student Dunigan Folk conducted a study which found that some activities people associate with happiness lack scientific evidence to prove they actually boost your mood. 
Sydney Morning Herald 

Is it possible to remove microplastics from water?

Forestry and chemical and biological engineering researchers led by Dr. Orlando Rojas at the BioProducts Institute developed a device that uses wood dust to trap up to 99.9 per cent of microplastics in water. 
The Hindu

I flew weightlessly on a parabolic flight to see incredible student science soar

Members of the UBC Rocket student engineering design team were among a group of Canadian students that took part in science experiments set up by National Research Council Canada.  
Space.com via Yahoo 

Why COVID lockdowns got us closer to a cure for the common cold

Microbiology and infectious diseases professor Dr. Yossef Av-Gay is leading research on how to mitigate the risk of bacteria and viruses developing resistances to the drugs being used to treat them. 
Toronto Star via Peterborough Examiner, Hamilton Spectator, Niagara Falls Review 

Eight years of hurt: Canada’s growing fury with Justin Trudeau

Social work professor Dr. Tim Stainton commented on Trudeau’s reforms around assisted death. 
The Telegraph via MSN, Yahoo 

The hidden risk of getting paid in stock options

Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Will Gornall was quoted in an opinion piece about how start-ups raise money. 
New York Times  

How heat-shattering ocean temperatures impacts fisheries

Dr. William Cheung, director of the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, commented on rising water temperatures. 
Mother Jones, CBC Early Edition 

The man who made the suburbs white

Architecture professor Sara Stevens was quoted in an article about American developer J.C. Nichols. 

How to manage climate-related anxiety and stress

Psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor discussed how to manage stress and anxiety related to wildfires and climate change. 
Globe and Mail 

Reasons for wildfires are complex, scientists say climate change plays a key role

Forestry PhD student Jen Baron said although different elements play a part in worsening wildfires, climate change has a huge role. 
CBC News via The Weather Network 

Devastating wildfire in Kelowna a reminder of 2003's catastrophic blaze

Anthropology PhD candidate Maya Daurio and UBCO sociology professor Dr. Mary Ann Murphy commented on the wildfires in Kelowna.  
Daurio: CTV News via iHeart Radio 
Dr. Murphy: The Weather Network 

Supply chain preparedness during wildfire evacuation

UBCO engineering professor Dr. Babak Tosarkani discussed supply chain resiliency during wildfires. 
CBC North by Northwest 

Designing cooler homes

Architecture professor Dr. Adam Rysanek discussed what to do to make your home cooler. 
CBC BC Today 

Wildfires force ranchers with large animals to make tough decisions on whether to stay or evacuate

UBCO biology professor Dr. Karen Hodges commented on how wildfires affect Canada’s wildlife. 

Fathers struggle with leaving families to come to work on B.C.'s farms

Peter A. Allard School of Law professor Dr. Robert Russo commented on the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in Canada. 

Life as a teen is full of tough choices. Teaching decision-making skills in classrooms could help

Adjunct professors Dr. Robin Gregory (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) and Brooke Moore (education) wrote about the importance of teaching students decisionmaking skills. 
Globe and Mail 

Sun bears appear so human-like they are mistaken for people in suits – experts explain

UBCO zoology professor Dr. Christina Buesching co-authored an op-ed that explained why a sun bear in a Chinese zoo looked like a human.
The Conversation via The Hindu 

UBC mural complete at Kelowna's Landmark buildings

UBCO students unveiled their mural painting, a psychedelic take on wild horses running through the valley, at the Landmark building in Kelowna.