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Research fails to tell you how to be happy, but this idea might help

Media mentioned a study by psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn and graduate student Dunigan Folk which found that some activities people associate with happiness lack scientific evidence to prove they actually boost your mood. 

'Perfectly excited': Canadian scientists await first look at bits from asteroid Bennu

Earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences professor Dr. Dominique Weis is among Canadian scientists given the opportunity to work with extraterrestrial material from asteroid Bennu.   
Canadian Press via Globe and Mail, Yahoo, CP24, CTV News, City News, National Post, Vancouver Sun, O Canada, Interesting Engineering, Vancouver is Awesome 

UBC drug testing at Shambhala Music Festival

UBC chemistry researchers created a prototype portable drug-testing machine that was rolled out at the Shambhala Music Festival in the Kootenays. Professor Dr. Jason Hein was interviewed. 
Global News 

Canada 'falling behind' in efforts to halt teen vaping: UBCO research

UBCO nursing professor Dr. Laura Struik conducted a study which found that Canada is falling behind in developing intervention programs to stop young people from beginning to vape. 

‘Climate-altered’ Pacific could see conflict between tuna fishing and deep-sea mining

Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries postdoctoral fellow Dr. Juliano Palacios Abrantes co-authored a study which argued that deep-sea mining could interfere with tuna migration.
Carbon Brief 


Weirdest white dwarf ever found. What's going on?

Physics and astronomy researchers were part of an international team that revealed the first two-faced star, a spinning orb with one side covered in super-heated helium, and the other in hydrogen. Dr. Jeremy Heyl was interviewed. 
Universe Today 

Canada's wildfires release 1 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent, global collaboration urgently needed

UBCO biology professor Dr. Karen Hodges said it’s important to restore plants after fires because they can help to remove some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Wildfire smoke believed to cause up to thousands of premature deaths in Canada each year

Respiratory medicine professor Dr. Chris Carlsten said that there is a lot of speculation about the chronic health effects of air pollution from wildfires, but not yet a lot of hard evidence. 
Globe and Mail, STAT 

Ottawa to focus on tech-related immigration despite industry headwinds

Vancouver School of Economics professor Dr. David Green commented on Canada’s new immigration policy targeted at candidates with experience in the technology sector. 
Globe and Mail (subscription) 

Men don’t talk about health. My hernia showed me that needs to change

Nursing professor Dr. John Oliffe (UBC’s Men’s Health Research Program) was quoted in an opinion piece about men’s attitudes towards illnesses. 
Globe and Mail  

The U.S. Senate is steadily aging — but members leave on their own terms

Political science professor Dr. Paul Quirk said it’s unlikely that an age limit would be imposed for U.S. senators. 

Public needs to be 'armed' with air quality data as wildfire smoke pollutes the sky

Medicine professor Dr. Emily Brigham said we need higher quality air monitors that provide more data to help people make decisions about whether it’s safe to go outside. 
CBC What On Earth 

How will Ottawa's plan to phase out subsidies for inefficient fossil fuels work?

Medicine clinical professor Dr. Melissa Lem discussed the government’s plan to phase out subsidies for inefficient fossil fuels. 
CBC Early Edition 

Richmond company making plant-based sushi, but is the region ready for it? Experts weigh in

Land and food systems professor Dr. Gail Hammond commented on plant-based diets in B.C. 
CTV via iHeart Radio 

Menaces of the sky: Here's why even eagles hate crows

Forestry professor Dr. Peter Arcese commented on mobbing, a behaviour where prey harass or attack a predator to protect themselves. 
Daily Hive 

Building better

School of architecture and landscape architecture professor Joseph Dahmen discussed the importance of alternative, plant-based building materials. 
Glacier Media via Pique NewsMagazine, Squamish Chief 

Inquiry must assess how Canada’s fragmented COVID-19 response lost the public’s trust

School of population and public health professor Dr. Kim McGrail co-authored an op-ed about the importance of transparency when making public health decisions. 
The Conversation via Yahoo 

Why B.C. has ended letter grades for students in kindergarten to Grade 9

Education adjunct professor Dr. Victor Brar discussed B.C.’s shift from letter grades to a proficiency scale on report cards from kindergarten to Grade 9.  
The Conversation via The Province 

UBCO nursing students hand out summer essentials to homeless community

A group of UBCO fourth-year nursing students visited Kelowna’s Rail Trail encampment to hand out summer supplies to people struggling with homelessness.