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The El Niño effect

A study led by Dr. William Cheung, director of the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, found that marine heat waves will double the impact on fish stocks compared to a more gradual rise in temperature without the heat waves. Dr. Cheung was quoted. 
Globe and Mail 

Uncoordinated? You can still be an athlete

Occupational science and occupational therapy professor Dr. Jill Zwicker said kids who avoid physical activities are at a greater risk of anxiety and depression. 
New York Times 

Strike could cost $250 million per week, experts say, with consumers taking a hit too

Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Werner Antweiler and professors emeriti Drs. Trevor Heaver and Mark Thompson commented on the strike among over 7,000 cargo loaders at B.C.’s ports. 
Drs. Antweiler and Heaver: Canadian Press via Toronto Star, CTV, City News, Yahoo, MSN, Times Colonist, Vancouver is Awesome, Burnaby Now, Richmond News, North Shore News 
Drs. Antweiler, Heaver and Thompson: CBC 

Health Matters: Mosquito attraction

Zoology professor Dr. Ben Matthews discussed why mosquitoes seem to target some people more than others. 
Global News 

It's official: El Niño has started. Here's what that means for B.C.

Earth sciences assistant professor Dr. Rachel White commented on El Niño, which is when there is warmer than average sea surface temperatures over the Pacific. 
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, O Canada, Times Colonist 

Just how big is B.C.’s largest wildfire? It would stretch beyond the Lower Mainland

Forestry postdoctoral research Dr. Sarah Dickson-Hoyle said that climate change is driving larger and higher intensity wildfires. 
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, O Canada 

B.C. expands family doctor registry but critics say it's just one more wait-list

Family practice professor Dr. Rita McCracken commented on the expansion of B.C.’s Health Connect registry that aims to connect more citizens to family doctors. 
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, O Canada, Times Colonist 

Is Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil boom over before it’s even started?

Peter A. Allard School of Law PhD candidate Temitope Onifade commented on Newfoundland and Labrador’s goal to double offshore oil output by 2030.
National Observer 

Why Pierre Poilievre can’t quit the ‘Alberta model’ of drug treatment

Peter A. Allard School of Law professor Benjamin Perrin was quoted in an opinion piece about Alberta’s methods in addressing the opioid crisis. 
National Observer 

Anticipating Canada’s crisis response decisions can save critical time in future wildfire seasons

Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability adjunct professor Dr. Robin Gregory and co-authors argued that Canada needs a proactive crisis management plan to deal with wildfires. 
The Conversation via Yahoo