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Dead stars reveal the universe's background 'hum' of gravitational waves

UBC physics and astronomy researchers co-authored a study that harnessed the Milky Way as an antenna to find the first evidence of low-frequency gravitational waves.
The Weather Network via Yahoo

Humans are predators of at least one third of all vertebrate species

Zoology professor Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor commented on research that claimed humans prey on more vertebrate species for use as pets and in medicine and other products than we do for food.
Scientific American

Canada wildfires: All you need to know

Dr. Matthew Mitchell (land and food systems) said that wildfire smoke can have both acute and chronic health effects on wildlife, similar to humans.
Economic Times (India), France 24, Yahoo

Climate Panel: Lytton two years on and Canada's National Adaptation Strategy

Clinical professor Dr. Melissa Lem discussed Canada’s newly announced strategy to help communities adapt to severe weather caused by climate change.
CBC Radio

Cargo loaders at B.C.’s ports issue 72 hour strike notice

Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Werner Antweiler said that the Vancouver and Prince Rupert ports move about 25 per cent of all of Canada’s imported and exported goods.
Global News; Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, Prince George Post, O Canada, MSN

COVID is at the lowest levels in a long time. Why some people still wear masks

Psychiatry professor Dr. Steven Taylor commented on why people continue to wear masks.
Postmedia via National Post, Vancouver Sun, The Province, Montreal Gazette, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Ottawa Citizen, Prince George Post

Earth's jet streams described as chaotic, 'like a van Gogh painting.' Does this affect B.C.?

Earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences professor Dr. Rachel White commented on jet streams, currents of air high above Earth’s atmosphere that can cause extreme weather.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, Prince George Post

Endangered orcas in B.C. facing host of new threats to survival

Dr. Beth Volpov (marine mammal research unit) said that the new birth of a killer whale near Tofino signals hope for the endangered population.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, Prince George Post, O Canada

'Fear-based' substance-use education is failing — does this B.C. nurse have an answer?

Nursing professor Dr. Emily Jenkins discussed how to best support children and youth when it comes to substance use education and intervention.
Glacier Media via Vancouver is Awesome, Burnaby Now, Tri-City News, Richmond News, New Westminster Record, Delta Optimist, Squamish Chief, North Shore News, Pique NewsMagazine

Can Metro Vancouver infrastructure keep pace with immigration?

Civil engineering professor Dr. Nemkumar Banthia commented on the ability of B.C.’s infrastructure to support newcomers.
Glacier Media via Business in Vancouver, Vancouver is Awesome, Times Colonist, Burnaby Now, Tri-City News, Richmond News, Delta Optimist, Squamish Chief, North Shore News, Prince George Citizen

More townhouse developments offer built-in rental suites in Richmond

Sauder School of Business professor Dr. Tom Davidoff said that he expects more housing developments will include rental units due to housing affordability problems.
Richmond News

Canada and U.S. cooperation needed to solve our wildfire crisis

Dr. Robin Gregory, adjunct professor at Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, argued that Canada and the U.S. need to cooperate to solve the wildfire crisis.
Globe and Mail

Indigenous author and activist, Raptors president, prolific songwriter joining Order of Canada

UBCO Indigenous studies professor Dr. Jeannette Armstrong was appointed to the Order of Canada.