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Dark extinctions are popping up everywhere

Botany professor Dr. Quentin Cronk commented on dark extinctions, the extinction of species before they are discovered.
Undark via The Atlantic, Popular Science, National Observer

As ocean oxygen levels dip, fish face an uncertain future

Dr. Daniel Pauly (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) commented on the population growth of the fish species Bombay duck.
Yale Environment 360 via Grist

Carbon-free promise or cautionary tale? Georgia's new reactors come online to fanfare, criticism

School of public policy and global affairs professor Dr. M.V. Ramana commented on the recently built nuclear reactor in Georgia, the first in the U.S. in more than 40 years.

The awkward economic truth: A recession might be just what Canada needs

Economics professor Dr. Henry Siu commented on companies laying off workers during recessions.
Globe and Mail (subscription) via Castanet, Times Colonist, North Shore News, Tri-City News, Squamish Chief, Burnaby Now, Delta Optimist, Vancouver is Awesome, Richmond News

Canada sees the rise of mall cities

School of community and regional planning professor emeritus Dr. Penny Gurstein discussed the potential of mall cities to solve Canada’s housing crisis.
Globe and Mail via Times Colonist, Tri-City News, Delta Optimist, Pique NewsMagazine, New Westminster Record, Burnaby Now, Vancouver is Awesome, Richmond News, Squamish Chief

Manitoba First Nation and Colombian researchers discuss 'forensics of care' in their work on unmarked graves

Gender, race, sexuality and social justice professor Dr. Pilar Riaño-Alcalá discussed the “forensics of care”, the balance between culture, families and the scientific process, when identifying Indigenous people placed in unmarked graves.
CBC via Yahoo

How thinning out trees for dirt, grass and shrubs is part of fighting wildfires

Forestry postdoctoral fellow Dr. Kira Hoffman commented on the use of fire-resistant shrubs and berry bushes to help slow down wildfire speed.
CBC via Weather Network, Yahoo, MSN

At what age should women have routine mammograms?

Clinical professor Dr. Paula Gordon said that 17 per cent of breast cancers occur in women in their 40s.
Radio Canada

Ontario continues to house immigration detainees in jails even as other provinces put an end to ‘truly shocking’ practice

Peter A. Allard School of Law professor Dr. Efrat Arbel said the process by which the Canada Border Service Agency determines where to send immigration detainees lacks the procedural safeguards present in criminal law.
Toronto Star

What will it take to fix Canada’s housing crisis?

Dr. Carolyn Whitzman, expert advisor at Peter A. Allard School of Law’s housing research collaborative, discussed Canada’s housing crisis.
Toronto Star

‘I’m tired.’ Parents, students disheartened after anti-Pride protests lead to empty desks at some Ontario schools

Nursing professor Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc commented on the importance of rainbow symbols in schools for LGBTQ youth.
Toronto Star

Orcas taking down boats

Marine mammal research unit graduate student Taryn Scarff commented on the killer whales damaging boats off the coast of Spain and Portugal.
QR Calgary

Do endangered species laws set culturally meaningful targets?

UBCO wildlife researcher Clayton Lamb commented on recovery targets under North American endangered species laws.
Cabin Radio

Where the ‘wood-wide web’ narrative went wrong

Biology professor Dr. Melanie Jones co-wrote about common mycorrhizal networks by forest fungi.

AI clones made from user data pose uncanny risks

Computer science professor Dr. Dongwook Yoon wrote about how personal data can be used to create AI that can mimic a user’s behaviour.
The Conversation via Yahoo

Stalling prices needs to be part of our national housing strategy

Dr. Paul Kershaw (school of population and public health) argued that Canada needs a new National Housing Strategy with a clear goal of stalling house prices.
Globe and Mail

1st-in-Canada program launching at UBC to support education, employment of deaf and hard of hearing people

Beginning in September, adult learners who are Deaf or hard of hearing can enroll in an early childhood education certificate program at UBC that has been adapted to meet their learning needs.

After a traumatic brain injury, UBC student heads to Stanford to help others

Mechanical engineering student Yi Yi Du graduated last week after overcoming a traumatic brain injury and is now heading to Stanford.
Global News