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UBC Space Study Involves ‘Cosmic Probes’

Physics and astronomy PhD student Adam Dong co-authored a study that discovered 25 repeating fast radio bursts (FRB) — cosmic explosions that last only a few milliseconds.
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Dog running at 'full speed' to see neighborhood girlfriend melts hearts

Psychology professor emeritus Dr. Stanley Coren commented on the socialization of dogs.

Kathleen Folbigg was convicted of killing her four children. But she could be innocent

Peter A. Allard School of Law professor Dr. Emma Cunliffe commented on the inquiry into Kathleen Folbigg’s convictions at the Australian court of criminal appeal.
7News (Australia)

Dogs, kids work together in therapy at Gabriel’s Angels in Phoenix

Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Camila Cavalli (animal welfare program) commented on the benefits that animal therapy can provide children.
CBS Arizona

13 friends were enjoying a weekend getaway in B.C. Then they found hidden cameras in the bathrooms

Peter A. Allard School of Law assistant professor Dr. Kristen Thomasen said that advances in camera and video technology make it easier for people to hide cameras.
CBC via Yahoo

Layoffs, quitting, firing: How workplace departures impact those left behind

A study co-authored by Dr. Sima Sajjadiani (Sauder School of Business) found that mass layoffs encourage voluntary resignations among those who remain.
CTV, City News

Crews move to raise sunken fuel truck leaking off Vancouver Island

Research associate Juan José Alava (Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries) weighed in on the difficulties of cleaning up diesel spills.
The Tyee via CTV, iHeartRadio

Is age slowing you down? It may be an early warning sign for dementia, new study finds

Clinical professor Dr. Roger Wong and nursing assistant professor Dr. Lillian Hung commented on the relationship between physical health and dementia.
Toronto Star

Exercise 'snacking' is the best way to workout if you have 10 minutes or less

Health and exercise sciences professor Dr. Jonathan Little said that one minute of stair climbing three times a week can improve cardiorespiratory fitness.
Real Simple via Yahoo

Putting AI on pause gives us time to regroup around human rights

Political science professor Dr. Wendy Wong wrote about putting artificial intelligence development on pause to address how the technology affects human rights.
Globe and Mail

Supporting people with Parkinson’s at UBC

Media featured the BC Brain Wellness Program based at UBC, and interviewed director Dr. Silke Appel-Creswell and team lead Dr. Sally Anne Stelling.

UBCO hosts Okanagan Film Festival

The seventh iteration of the UBCO Student Okanagan Film Festival will take place on May 8.
Penticton Herald