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Investing in small modular nuclear reactors is a 'waste of money': Professor

Dr. M.V. Ramana (school of public policy and global affairs) discussed the technology behind modular nuclear reactors.
Bloomberg (video)

Most of the universe is invisible dark matter. Scientists used the glow of the Big Bang to map it

Research co-authored by Mandana Amiri (physics and astronomy) revealed a new map of dark matter in space.
Woodstock Sentinel-Review

New tech could one day scrub ‘forever chemicals’ from your tap water

Research led by chemical and biological engineering professor Dr. Madjid Mohseni discovered a way to eliminate harmful chemicals that usually take hundreds of years to break down.
Seattle Times, Politico

Not just CBC: Broadcasters around the world slapped with Twitter's inconsistent labels

Journalism professor Dr. Alfred Hermida commented on Twitter’s labelling of CBC/Radio-Canada as “government-funded media.”
National Post

After the Turkey earthquakes they looked for hope in Canada. How a young family’s dilemma is the new reality for Roxham Road migrants

Dr. Efrat Arbel (Peter A. Allard School of Law) discussed the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the U.S.
Toronto Star

Construction stable in Vancouver last year, but seller’s market is returning: Realtors

Dr. Tom Davidoff (Sauder School of Business) commented on the real estate market in Metro Vancouver.
Global News

How a new ‘nature economy’ is transforming the fight for B.C.’s ancient forests

Forestry PhD student Ira Sutherland discussed the BC BigTree Registry that documents conifer and broadleaf trees across the province.
Global News

India projected to pass China as country with world's largest population

Dr. Veena Sriram (school of public policy and global affairs) discussed population growth in India.
Global News (video)

As street drugs get deadlier, test kits may not detect dangerous new substances

PhD student Sam Tobias (school of population and public health) commented on drug testing strips.
Global News via MSN

Trump's unused mansion falls under investigation for possible tax fraud

Dr. James Vercammen (Sauder School of Business) discussed tax breaks on farmlands in the U.S.
Daily Beast via Raw Story, MSN

New West police department budget: Too much? Not enough?

Debra Parkes (Peter A. Allard School of Law) commented on New Westminster’s police budget.
New Westminster Record

Watching David Suzuki, I learned that people who looked like me belonged in the outdoors

Zoology professor Dr. Michelle Tseng wrote about David Suzuki, presenter of The Nature of Things, who inspired her interest in nature.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

B.C.’s Susan Musgrave named to The Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist

Susan Musgrave’s (school of creative writing) collection of poems Exculpatory Lilies was shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province, Pembroke Observer, Fairview Post, Calgary Herald, Stir