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Map of dark matter sheds new light on forces shaping the universe

A study co-authored by UBC physics and astronomy professor Dr. Mark Halpern revealed a new map that showed how dark matter was distributed in space during earlier periods.
Globe and Mail (subscription), Inverse

Lynx Air’s seasoned CEO aims to write a new story for the budget airline

Dr. David Gillen, director of the Centre for Transportation Studies at the Sauder School of Business, discussed the domestic airline industry.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

B.C. cities seeing the light over LED street illumination

Physics professor Dr. Lorne Whitehead commented on the benefits of LED street lighting.
Vancouver Sun

Pharmacists fear more drugs may fall into loophole that saw B.C. Ozempic sent to U.S.

Pharmaceutical sciences clinical professor Dr. Peter Loewen commented on the flow of prescription goods between Canada and the U.S.
Canadian Press via Toronto StarAlaska Highway News, Global News

B.C. can't privatize its way out of long surgical waits, Supreme Court says. What now?

School of population and public health professor Dr. Michael Law commented on healthcare privatization in B.C.

Poilievre asks Elon Musk to label CBC 'government-funded' on Twitter

Journalism professor Dr. Alfred Hermida commented on disinformation on Twitter.
Calgary Herald

Belongings are essential to personhood. Why would we deny this dignity to homeless people? 

Dr. Alexandra Flynn (Peter A. Allard School of Law) co-wrote about the removal of the Downtown Eastside tent encampment.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

Feds should buy properties to keep Canadian renters out of housing need 

Acquisitions strategy coordinator Dr. Joseph Daniels (Peter A. Allard School of Law; Housing Assessment Resource Tools) argued that the federal government should dedicate more funding to support Canadian renters.
Vancouver Sun

The first Asian screenwriter in Hollywood’s 1920s ‘dream factory,’ Winnifred Eaton, challenged its racism

English professor Dr. Mary Chapman and PhD candidate Sydney Lines wrote about Winnifred Eaton, a pioneer for Asian creatives in Hollywood.
The Conversation

Gender-blind policies ignore the disproportionate effects of water crisis on women

Graduate students Bolormaa Purevjavm (Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering), and Adiya Baratova Tudiyarova and Elena Gordillo Fuertes (school of public policy and global affairs), argued that women should be included in discussions about water governance solutions.
The Conversation

UBC spinout Aspect inks deal with Novo Nordisk to develop 3-D printed diabetes-curing implants

Aspect Biosystems, a biotech company founded by UBC PhD students, signed a development deal with Danish drug giant Novo Nordisk.
Globe and Mail (subscription)