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Life on planet Earth is overwhelmingly very big or very small

Nature favours the biggest and smallest creatures over the medium-sized, according to a study led by Dr. Eden Tekwa, who conducted the research as a UBC zoology postdoctoral fellow.
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A Mongolian boy has been declared an important leader for Tibetan Buddhists

Dr. Julian Dierkes (school of public policy and global affairs) discussed the potential impact on Mongolian-Chinese relations following the announcement of a Mongolian boy being recognized as the reincarnation of a spiritual leader for the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhists.

If Democrats triumph in Wisconsin, it's game over for Republicans

Political science professor Dr. Paul Quirk commented on the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

Peter Bol deserves a Senate inquiry into handling of his doping case

Chemistry professor Dr. David Chen was quoted about the Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory’s tests for synthetic EPO.
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Moltex vows to help Canada recycle its nuclear waste. Critics say the byproducts would be even worse

Dr. M.V. Ramana (school of public policy and global affairs) weighed in on Moltex Energy’s plan to recycle its nuclear waste into fresh fuel.
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These simple habits can reduce your risk of developing dementia

Clinical professor Dr. Roger Wong and nursing professor Dr. Lillian Hung discussed ways to reduce one’s risk of developing dementia and support those living with the condition.
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B.C. may be a prime target for increased flooding from rain on snow events

Forestry professor and hydrology expert Dr. Younes Alila discussed why B.C. is increasingly prone to flooding.
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Birth control covered by PharmaCare in B.C. starting today

Obstetrics and gynaecology resident physician Dr. Ruth Habte commented on B.C. providing free access to birth control.
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Debt, financial fears impacting Canadians’ mental health, survey finds

Psychology professor Dr. Jiaying Zhao (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) and nursing professor Dr. Emily Jenkins explained the connections between poverty or financial stress and depression and anxiety.
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UBCO students compete in weather balloon design challenge

UBCO physics students launched an atmospheric weather balloon as part of a physics experiment to observe cosmic rays.