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Yes, happiness and climate action can go together

Psychology professor Dr. Jiaying Zhao (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) explained how we can use our understanding of behaviour to incorporate happiness into meaningful climate action.
Climate One

How mRNA vaccines could target everything from cancer to the plague

Biomedical engineering professor Dr. Anna Blakney (Michael Smith Labs) discussed the potential applications of mRNA vaccines to treat cancer and other diseases.
New York Post

IPCC Report and nature-based solutions for climate change

Clinical professor Dr. Melissa Lem discussed the new IPCC report and the need to take immediate climate action.
CBC Early Edition

‘Serious’ clean energy investment expected in spring budget

Political science professor Dr. Kathryn Harrison said she’ll be looking out for “subsidies for fossil fuels with green strings attached to them” in the 2023 federal budget.
National Observer

Logging, forest loss may have awakened ancient B.C. landslides, at cost of about $1B

Forestry professor and hydrology expert Dr. Younes Alila noted that forest loss due to extensive logging, as well as mountain pine beetle infestation and wildfires, is playing a key role in Cariboo landslides.
Canadian Press via CBC

Development demands place pressure on ALR land

Dr. Tsur Somerville (Sauder School of Business) commented on whether developing the Agricultural Land Reserves will help improve Greater Vancouver’s housing supply.
Business in Vancouver

There are no octopus farms in Canada. BC SPCA, experts call on feds to keep it that way

Institute for the Ocean and Fisheries professor Dr. Daniel Pauly explained that farming octopuses would deplete global seafood supply.
Black Press via Victoria NewsTerrace StandardKelowna Capital NewsMaple Ridge Pitt-Meadows NewsCloverdale ReporterGrand Forks GazetteOak Bay NewsWest Kelowna News

Vancouver's cherry blossoms begin to bloom

Douglas Justice, the associate director of horticulture at UBC Botanical Garden, discussed when Vancouverites can expect to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
City News (Vancouver)

'French, we were a people, we have become a crowd without legitimacy'

UBCO philosophy professor Dr Renaud Philippe Garner and economics professor Dr. Julien Picault co-wrote about the social and political crisis that France is currently experiencing.

Can the heat from running computers help grow our food? It's complicated

PhD candidate Sarah-Louise Ruder (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability) discussed the benefits and drawbacks of capturing the heat emitted by computing hardware and reusing it to grow crops indoors.
The Conversation via Tri-City News

Experts pushing for high-seas fishing ban win ‘Nobel Prize for environment’

Institute for the Ocean and Fisheries professors Drs. Daniel Pauly and Rashid Sumaila (school of public policy and global affairs) were awarded the 2023 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement.
Mongabay via The Good Men Project

Join CBC's Johanna Wagstaffe and learn how to foster resilient forests

Forestry professor Dr. Suzanne Simard will be speaking at an alumniUBC webinar about natural solutions to foster resilient forests.

UBC students hold divestment protest

UBC students are calling on the university to divest.
City News (Vancouver)

Bowen doctor receives the Order of Canada

Geriatric medicine professor emeritus Dr. Lynn Beattie received the Order of Canada.
Bowen Island Undercurrent

York Region exploring 'cultural change' to address housing needs

York Region is working with the Housing Assessment Resource Tools project at UBC to improve the region’s housing needs.