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'Keto-like' diets may increase your risk of heart disease, according to new expert research

Salon highlighted research by Dr. Iulia Iatan of the UBC Centre for Heart and Lung Innovation showing that low-carb, high-fat diets may be linked to higher levels of “bad” cholesterol.

Scientists warn pesticide impacts may be worse than we thought

Dr. Risa Sargent of the faculty of land and food systems discussed her recent paper that raised caution about the under-studied downstream impacts of pesticide use.
The New Lede

Will AI take over your job?

Dr. Friedrich Götz from the department of psychology joined CKNW’s Mornings With Simi to explain how he used a chatbot to develop a psychological questionnaire that worked as well as any other.

The Roxham Road dilemma: What are Canada’s options in the border controversy?

Peter A. Allard School of Law professor Efrat Arbel explained that the Safe Third Country border agreement with the U.S. allows either country to make exceptions unilaterally.
Toronto Star

As daylight saving time arrives in Philly, we’re in for changes. Are they worth losing sleep over?

UBC Sauder School of Business professor emeritus Dr. Charles Weinberg commented on his research that found tired consumers are more open to different choices.
Philadelphia Enquirer

Hikers in Metro Vancouver find 8-foot-tall icicle on Squamish trail

Professor of atmospheric science Dr. Roland Stull said the eight-foot icicle found on the Stawamus Chief Trail is not uncommon during cold weather.

No, the Boomers didn’t live within their means. And younger generations will pay the price

It’s time for boomers to own up to the fact that the amount of government debt inherited per younger person tripled on their watch, argues Dr. Paul Kershaw of the school of population and public health.
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